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The Rights Path project

A collaboration between SSI and NDIS providers to empower participants from CALD backgrounds with the resources and agency to exercise their rights.

Skilling Queenslanders for Work

Equips Queensland jobseekers with the essential skills, training, networks, and opportunities needed for workforce success and meaningful career advancement.

Return to Work

Provides targeted support to women from CALD backgrounds to help them overcome individual barriers and re-enter the workforce.

The Thriving Afghan Women project (TAWP)

The Thriving Afghan Women Project, supported by SSI, empowers newly arrived Afghan women to settle in Australia and thrive. Through community connections, upskilling, and access to essential services, the project promotes engagement and integration.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Women’s Advisory Group

CALD women bring valuable insights and experiences to community issues, but barriers hinder their voices. Our Logan-based CALD Women’s Advisory Group creates a platform for diverse women to address challenges and seek solutions.

Entrepreneurship offers flexibility and fulfilment for woman with chronic health conditions

For Jennifer Cameron, the idea of becoming a counsellor, let alone running her own business, felt unattainable until she found the support of Ignite® Small Business Start-ups, an SSI social enterprise.

Foundations for Belonging 2023

Insights on the concerns & hopes of different segments in Armidale.

Peter’s journey of resilience, empowerment and taking part in the community 

Peter’s life took a turn in 2022 after being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare degenerative eye disease that causes severe vision impairment.

Car enthusiast gains employment as a mechanic

From a very young age, Charlie* has had a passion for cars, and now, with the support of his mum and SSI Local Area Coordinator (LAC), he is pursuing his dream of further education and employment as an apprentice mechanic. 

Surviving the temporary visa protection cycle: Ferah’s story of resilience 

New research has quantified the devastating mental health impacts of temporary visas – something all too familiar for Iraqi-born Ferah* who, despite the challenges, has shown incredible strength and resilience in carving out a life for her and her children in Australia.  

SSI Local Area Coordinator helps bring stranded NDIS participant in the outback home safely

When his car broke down in remote Western Australia in April, Ivan Kelly found himself stranded thousands of kilometres from home without any phone reception. Instinctively, Ivan reached out to his SSI Local Area Coordinator, Melissa.   

Refugee salon owner rebuilds career from apprentice to successful business owner in Australia

When Iranian-born Mary Logan sought refuge in Australia, she hoped to continue her work in hair and beauty. However, her overseas experience and qualifications were not recognised, forcing the salon owner and manager to begin again as an apprentice.