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About Regional Settlement

Settling refugees in regional towns and cities benefits newcomers and local communities alike. The refugees enjoy a more relaxed introduction to Australia and make important social, cultural and economic contributions to their host communities. 

SSI provides regional settlement services in Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and Armidale. Working under the Commonwealth’s Humanitarian Settlement Program, staff engage refugees, humanitarian entrants and local stakeholders to ensure successful, long-term settlement outcomes. 

How we help

We communicate with and listen to local communities to pave the way for a successful settlement process.
Our staff provide newcomers with the skills, resources and contacts they need to thrive in the region.
Ongoing support helps refugees to integrate into the community, to find employment and be independent.

Get in touch

SSI provides regional settlement services in the NSW towns of Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and Armidale.  



Address: 8 Chaucer St, Hamilton 2303 

P: 02 4969 3399 


Coffs Harbour: 

Address: Suite 6, 1 Duke Street, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450

P: 0470 337 788 



Location: 1/86 Beardy Street, Armidale NSW 2350   

Phone: 02 9057 5673