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About Maternity Hubs

We are proud to partner with Metro South Health to deliver a community-based antenatal service for eligible newly arrived, refugee, and migrant woman living in Logan. 

The service is facilitated from the SSI Gateway and aims to improve birthing outcomes for babies born in Logan. Evidence shows that a woman who receives care from a Midwife throughout the duration of pregnancy and birth is more likely to have a normal birth of a healthy baby at term, have a more positive experience of labour and birth, be more satisfied with her care, and successfully breastfeed.  

We work closely with Midwives to provide wrap around support to women and families by linking them in with internal and external services for housing, employment, health and financial wellbeing support. 

How we help

We support pregnant women to access quality and comprehensive antenatal care.
We ensure coordinated care during and after childbirth, including access to birthing suites, postnatal care, and breastfeeding support.
We provide high quality healthcare that is responsive, sensitive and accepting of cultural needs and preferences.

Get in touch

If you would like more information, please speak with your GP about a Maternity Hub referral or email

Maternity Hub is co-located at the SSI Gateway.

SSI Gateway
91 Wembley Road Logan Central, QLD
Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm
P: (07) 3412 8222