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“Migrants in Australia”

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“Migrants in Australia”


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Refugee Week 2023

“It wasn’t easy to get a job. After all this experience I had in my country – 15 years – I had to start from scratch.” Read Full Story “I have dedicated almost 20 years of my life to my profession – I cannot leave it behind. I dream of working again as a dentist, […]

Underutilised migrant skills a huge opportunity

A report looking at the contribution of permanent skilled migrants highlights the unrealised potential in newcomer communities and the need to provide income support and access to family tax benefits earlier in the settlement journey, according to Australia’s largest refugee and migration resettlement support provider, Settlement Services International (SSI).

Australia must step up in response to record displacement

Figures showing another record year for global displacement emphasise the important role Australia can play in helping the world’s most vulnerable, according to one of Australia’s leading refugee settlement experts.

From the CEO: Tough border talk muddies the water for refugees

Confusing Australia’s humanitarian migration intake with the broader issues of border control and population policy harms our country’s reputation as a responsible global citizen. Earlier this week, as I heard about Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s proposed freeze on Australia’s refugee intake during an impassioned call for greater control over who calls Australia home, I couldn’t help asking, "Why now?"