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Our SSI International Team represents our resettlement and refugee programs and other initiatives globally. We are committed to influencing and developing policy, advocacy, capacity building and fostering strong global partnerships. Our work focuses on protection and solutions and involves engaging with UNHCR NGO Consultations and sharing our settlement and integration programs internationally.

We have developed strong partnerships with locally led and refugee-led organisations supporting displaced communities in host countries, including new and emerging resettlement nations.

Through our work and our ongoing engagement with international institutions such as the UN, we participate in the Global Compact on Refugees, the Global Refugee Forum, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) other, we have helped support discussions and actions on community sponsorship and complementary pathways, climate change, jobs and livelihoods.

We engage in working groups on refugee rights in Asia, the Pacific and globally.

How we help

We contribute to the global sector, influencing and developing policy that affects communities.
We build the capacity of the sector globally through new partnerships and scoping new opportunities.
We advocate for and support the meaningful engagement of people with lived experience.

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