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About SSI Community Hubs

SSI Community Hubs brings local education, health, community, and settlement services together in a familiar and welcoming environment to make it easier for families with young children to access the services and assistance they need. The SSI Hub provides families with a sense of belonging and facilitates the development of friendships and support networks.

How we help

We provide a safe and welcoming family-friendly place for people, particularly families with young children, to meet, learn, and build trusting and supportive relationships.
We offer accessible programs, such as playgroups, morning teas, English language and literacy, support early childhood development, to welcome families and provide a sense of belonging.
Each of our Hubs has a Hub Leader who understands the needs of the local community and connects families to services.

Get in touch

SSI runs 23 Hubs in NSW (Bankstown, Blacktown, Fairfield, Parramatta, Cumberland and Coffs Harbour) and 10 Hubs in Queensland (Logan and Ipswich).

P: (02) 8799 6700

P: (07) 3412 8222