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Transition back to work with confidence

We understand that returning to work after a long time can be a daunting experience. But there’s never been a better time for women to get back into the workforce! We help women from diverse backgrounds to gain confidence and make the most of employment opportunities. 

Are you thinking about returning to work after a long break?  

Our program is designed exclusively for you. We understand the unique challenges that women from diverse backgrounds face, such as childcare responsibilities and language barriers, and we’re here to support you on your employment journey. We provide training, mentorship and pathways to employment opportunities so you can return to work with confidence.  

Why should you get back to work? 

Jobs can be flexible

Returning to work doesn’t need to mean sacrificing your other commitments. We provide job placement support tailored to women and mothers, connecting you with employers who value work-life balance and flexibility.

You are needed

Your skills and passions are in demand in workplaces today. Employers are actively seeking women, like you, to contribute your unique talents and perspectives to their teams. 

Financial gain

Whether part-time or full-time, working allows you to bolster your household income and achieve greater financial stability. Think about all the ways that some extra money could help you – bills, spending money, and less money-related stress for your household.  

SSI Multicultural Support Workforce

Learn new things and advance your career

 Re-entering the workforce opens up countless opportunities for skill development and career growth. Stay up to date with industry trends and acquire the modern skills necessary to advance your career when the time is right.  

Social benefits

Getting back to work will introduce you to new people who can enrich your life. If you lead a busy life at home, work can be an amazing place to develop friendships and interact with new people.  

Be proud of yourself

Returning to work is a journey of personal achievement and pride. Gain confidence and take pride in your progress as you work toward your individual goals. 

We’re here to help

Are you contemplating a return to the workforce, but the path seems challenging, especially with childcare concerns and language barriers?

With our free program you can receive a custom plan and guidance from career experts to help get you back into the workforce and in a job that’s right for you and your family.  


Tailored assistance: Personalised support can include referral to other services, help coordinating childcare, and career coaching.


Flexibility: We offer flexible support for busy women and mothers, ensuring the right fit for your unique journey. 


In-language support:Language should never be a barrier to success. That’s why we offer support in your first language. 

Work readiness training: Training, skill building, and mentoring will help build your confidence and get you ready for success.


Pathways to employment: Our program offers a variety of routes to employment, including job placements and paid traineeships.


decorative imageHelp finding work: We partner with employers who are supportive of women returning to work, helping place you in a supportive workplace.

Your career journey with SSI

Our Return to Work program provides targeted support to women in south west Sydney who are looking to re-enter the workforce after an extended break. With a customised career roadmap and flexible support for busy women and mothers, our wraparound support can help you to confidently return to the workforce. 



Your journey back to work

1. Engagement 

Meet with us so we can understand you and get to know each other. 

2. Goal Setting and Aspirations

We help you set short and long term employment goals and idealise your dream career or industry.  

3. Planning 

We put together a roadmap that outlines the steps required to meet your goals. 

4. Execution 

We help you carry out the steps described in your career roadmap. 

5. Completion 

You’ll leave our program with newfound confidence and the guidance to forge your path toward career advancement. 

Are you?

  • A woman, 
  • Aged 25-44, 
  • Living in south-western Sydney (Liverpool, Fairfield, Campbelltown and Canterbury-Bankstown LGAs) 
  • Have been unemployed for an extended time,  
  • Looking to return to work with flexible and fulfilling employment?  

Talk to us! Our program is designed exclusively for you. We can help you get job-ready and find your ideal job.  

Get in touch


We deliver the Return to Work program in south west Sydney – in the Liverpool, Fairfield, Campbelltown and Canterbury-Bankstown LGAs.  


Address: 2/45/47 Scott Street, Liverpool


This program is funded and delivered under the Return to Work Pathways Program by the NSW Government, administered by Women NSW.