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We recognise that harnessing individual differences and building an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, helps:

  • bring out the best in our people and our organisation
  • better support the clients and communities we work with

Therefore, workplace inclusion is important to us. It supports wellbeing and helps our people experience a sense of belonging. Inclusion at SSI is about having an environment where everyone can be their best unique self at work. It is where people are welcomed, respected and valued for the perspectives and capabilities they bring and the contribution they make.


Our diversity

We have a diverse workforce, with approximately 74% of staff identifying as being culturally and linguistically diverse, and two-thirds of staff being female. 

We have been focused on building our awareness and confidence internally in three areas:

  • Disability – We were one of the first NGOs in Australia to achieve the Disability Confident Recruiter status through Australian Network on Disability. See here for further information:
  • Gender and sexual diversity – We have a working group that has developed staff training and held various events to increase staff awareness and grow our ability to support clients.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and peoples – We have developed an Innovate Reconciliation Plan and continue to grow our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.



Our efforts to foster greater workforce inclusion saw SSI win the Inclusive Workplace Award at the Australian Human Resources Institute Awards 2019.

Our CEO was named one of the Australian Financial Review’s Women of Influence 2018 in the diversity and inclusion category.


Staff resources, learning and events

We offer a range of opportunities to engage staff on topics aligned with inclusion and diversity:

  1. Culturally Responsive Practice training is mandatory for all staff (also offered externally on a fee for service basis)
  2. Staff events recognise and build awareness across diversity and inclusion topics and significant days of observance. 
  3. Staff can access resources, research and external events through our memberships with the following not-for profit leading member-based organisation:
    Diversity Council Australia, supports organisations and delivers practical research across all aspects of workplace diversity and inclusion.