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04 Dec 2023


Fostering disability inclusivity in the workplace

Working-age people with disability are twice as likely to be unemployed (10%) as those without disability (4.6%). 

Inclusivity and diversity are at the forefront of creating a thriving workplace environment. Organisations are increasingly recognising the substantial economic, social, and workplace benefits that come from employing people with disabilities (PWD) and the diverse talents, skills, experiences, and perspectives they offer. The SSI Local Area Coordination (LAC) program is dedicated to empowering program participants with the skills and support they need to achieve their employment goals. We also collaborate with employers to enhance inclusive practices and create supportive job placements for employees with disabilities. 

SSI LAC’s latest suite of videos highlights key learnings for employers and workplaces seeking to make their workforce more inclusive and effective.  

Meet some program participants and hear how their experiences can inform more inclusive practice.

Marco: recognising and harnessing the potential of people with disability in the workforce

Marco, a charismatic individual living with cerebral palsy, has thrived as a participant of the SSI Local Area Coordination (LAC) program to achieve his goals in the workforce, including getting his forklift license.  

Discover how Marco’s determination and the support of his workplace and colleagues have transformed obstacles into opportunities for growth and success.  

Marco’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the immense contributions that individuals with disabilities can make in the workforce when given the chance to thrive. 

Katelyn: considering unique abilities and accommodating individuals with disabilities

Katelyn, a 24-year-old who lives with both a hearing and vision impairment, struggled to step into the competitive veterinary industry and initially found herself in a workplace lacking support and understanding. Through her participation in the SSI Local Area Coordination (LAC) program, Katelyn has been connected to essential external services and supports, fostering the confidence and guidance she needed. Equipped with her own amplified stethoscope, Katelyn is now supported at work where she feels assured of her positive contributions to her team and workplace.  

Discover how Katelyn’s determination, coupled with crucial resources and accommodations, enabled her to meet her employment goals. 

Margaret: the impact of inclusive leadership

Despite her contagious laugh and exuberance, Margaret, who has been blind since birth and has limited mobility, had become withdrawn before she joined the SSI Local Area Coordination program.  

However, with the unwavering commitment of SSI Local Area Coordinator, Karen, Margaret has been empowered to lead an inclusive and fulfilling life, allowing her to access the community, express her needs with confidence, and explore her passions. 

Margaret leads a vibrant life filled with social events, knitting and travel, and her journey highlights the significance of tailoring care and support to individual needs. 

Blair: the importance of an inclusive workplace culture

23-year-old Blair, who faces communication challenges, has always been keen to work but had encountered hurdles related to transportation and exclusionary workplace dynamics. 

Today, Blair is proud to work at a landscaping company, with a cohesive team of coworkers who he enjoys socialising with.   

Blair’s experience with workplace social dynamics emphasises the importance of fostering an inclusive workplace culture and the need for employers to encourage social integration and prevent cliques or exclusionary behaviour.

At SSI, we are dedicated to promoting inclusivity in workplaces through tailored support and collaboration, thereby enhancing the employment opportunities for the people.  Whether you’re an employer, local council, or an educational institution, we’re here to help you build a more inclusive workplace. We’ll meet you where you are on your inclusion journey and help you plan and build your capacity. This could involve linking with our Community Capacity Building projects, proposing ideas to our reference groups, or accessing our training and education resources.  

Our tailored support includes:

  • Guidance on developing Disability Inclusion Action Plans. 
  • Training on NDIS and LAC and what it means in your community and workplace. 
  • Education on best practices for inclusivity and person-centric approaches. 
  • Facilitating community consultations to gain insight from people with lived experience as a PWD. 
  • Connection with a range of other services, including in-language resources and reference groups.  

How we help

We provide tailored support to meet workplaces at any stage of their journey to help them plan and build their capacity for inclusivity in the workplace.
We provide training and connect employers with resources and reference groups that empower them with the skills and knowledge to adopt more inclusive practices
Our support and collaboration helps employers develop more inclusive workplaces where people with disability can thrive.

Contact us for tailored support and collaboration in creating your workplace more inclusive

Community Development teamSouth west Sydney and Sydney 

Phone: 1800 960 975 


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