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Purpose and principles

SSI Group recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of individuals and their rights in relation to their personal information. This includes:

  • only collecting such information as is reasonably necessary for the relevant services being provided
  • only using the information for that purpose, and
  • only disclosing it for that purpose unless a specific exemption exists, such as in emergency situations.

SSI Group will collect, keep and deal with your personal information in accordance with applicable legislation, namely the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and including the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which can be found on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) website at, and our Privacy Policy.

SSI Group’s Privacy Officer can be contacted by emailing and can provide details of how you can access or correct your personal information, how your personal information is handled and how to contact SSI with any concerns.

Privacy and your personal information

SSI Group is obligated to collect your personal information under the terms of its Grant Agreement with Australian Government Department of Health to deliver the Home Care Workforce Support Program (HCWSP). Your personal information is collected for the purpose of administering the HCWSP and providing you with support services including:

  • determining your eligibility for participation in HCWSP including assessing your Home Care sector related training, work placement and employment support requirements
  • assisting you to access Home Care sector related vocational training, work placements, and employment
  • assisting you, where appropriate, in accessing pre-employment programs and non-vocational support services
  • maintaining contact with you throughout your participation in the HCWSP program in order to provide the support you may require to successfully achieve your employment or career goals
  • contacting Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and Home Care Provider (HCP) on your behalf, where necessary and appropriate, to assist you to access Home Care sector related accredited training courses, work placements and employment that suits your circumstances and employment or career goals
  • support to resolve complaints made by you or your training, work placement and employment placement Providers, and
  • include you in program evaluation surveys conducted by the HealthConsult on behalf of the Department of Health.

For the purposes of administering the HCWSP and providing you tailored support services, your personal information may be collected from, and given to, third parties, including:

  • RTOs who provide accredited or specialised training courses to you
  • HCPs who provide work placement, work trials or employment to you
  • parties who provide employment services to you, and
  • parties who provide non-vocational support services to you.

Your personal information may also be used by the HCWSP or given to other parties where you have agreed, or where it is otherwise permitted, including where it is required or authorised by or under an Australian law, such as social security law, a court or tribunal order, or where a duty of care exists.

Collection of sensitive information

In order to provide you with appropriate support services and assistance, the personal information collected from you will include sensitive information such as:

  • details of your Australian residency status to confirm your rights to work in Australia
  • details of COVID-19 vaccination status to confirm you meet the Australian Government’s requirements for working in Home
  • details of your cultural or linguistic background
  • details of current criminal records and other required clearance checks.

Your sensitive health information is not required to be collected or included in the program performance and evaluation data reports provided to the Department.