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About the Home Care Workforce Support Program

We are delivering the government-funded Home Care Workforce Support Program (HCWSP) in New South Wales (NSW) and the ACT to help Australia’s seniors enjoy a safe and independent life at home.

Through this program, we aim to grow, upskill, train and support an aged care workforce that delivers safe, high-quality care that puts seniors first.

The program is free and open to anyone who wants to build a meaningful career supporting seniors.

Why it matters

Australia needs 110,000 more support workers in the next 10 years to support our seniors live at home for longer.

Through the Home Care Workforce Support Program, the Federal Government has allocated more than $91 million nationally to address the combined challenge of an ageing population and talent shortage in the aged care sector by supporting well-qualified, well-supported personal care workers to enter and remain in the workforce.

At SSI, we are proud to deliver the program in NSW and the ACT to boost the much-needed at-home aged care workforce by 4,400 personal care workers by mid-2024.

Become a home care worker

Make a difference with every door you open and build a career in aged care.

The Home Care Workforce Support Program is open to everyday heroes who want to provide quality care for seniors in their homes. Whether you want to start a career in at-home aged care or boost your skills, we can help you.

Home care workers vary in age, gender, background and level of qualifications but what unites them are common characteristics.

See if a career in home care is for you:

Do you?

  • Have soft skills like empathy and patience?
  • Enjoy the company of seniors?
  • Live or can work in NSW or the ACT?

Are you looking for…

  • Life-changing, meaningful work?
  • Flexibility with work hours and location?
  • Autonomous work?
  • Long-term career?
  • Ongoing upskilling and learning?
  • A career change?
  • A steady job into the future?


If you have a passion for making a difference, we can help turn that into a long-term career in at-home aged care.

There are abundant rewarding employment opportunities to support our seniors today and into the future as Australia’s population ages and with reports showing that more than 90 per cent of older Australians want to remain in their homes instead of moving into residential aged care.

Learn more about a career in home care with our Home Care Career Roadmap:


Home Care Career Roadmap
Home Care Career Roadmap

Download our Home Care Career Roadmap to see where home care can take you.

Your Home Care career journey with SSI

We will support you every step of the way to find a meaningful career caring for seniors.

Our team will connect you with education providers and workplace training to be job ready, link you with career opportunities and provide ongoing support.

Your Home Care career journey with SSI. Diagram showing 4 items. The items are connected with arrows. The arrow between 03 and 04 points both ways. 01 Register - When you first join, we assess your situation to best support you. 02 Train - We help you find the course that suits your needs and ambitions. 03 Recruit - We help you find a job or workplace training that suits you. 04 Support - we offer the support you need to thrive from peer groups to mentoring and more.

How we support participants

When signing onto the SSI Home Care Workforce Support Program, you get access to a range of benefitsto help you build a career in home care. Through our program, we can help you secure your dream job.

Check out how we can help you:


SSI Home Care Workforce Support Program benefits


Working Together

We have teamed up with the NRMA to offer all participants in the SSI Home Care Workforce Support Program a 12-month complimentary My NRMA membership. With it, you can unlock exclusive perks across the NRMA family like best price for members and flexible cancellations, as well as thousands of discounts on things like fuel, electricity, dining, movies, insurance and more. Even better, My NRMA helps you explore the best of what Australia has to offer and connects you to communities across the country to get involved and make a positive difference.

Click to learn more about My NRMA




MyNRMA member benefits logo

Access in-person support

The Home Care Experience Centre is a purpose-built facility that provides participants with a physical space where they can speak face-to-face with our team of Participant Services Delivery Officers and receive in-person support, including:


  • Help with CV development and online job applications
  • Hands-on training, including accredited First Aid training
  • Workshops
  • Group mentoring
  • Peer support
  • 1:1 discussions with your Participant Services Delivery Officer and/or a specialist


Home Care Experience Centre entrance

The centre features a Technology Lab where you have free access to laptops connected to the internet to help upload and submit documentation, complete online job applications and undertake e-learning training.

We also offer Digital Literacy lessons at our Technology Lab for participants who might need 1:1 support to help them navigate online to fulfil training or employment requirements or learn how to use smart technology. Our goal is to equip participants with the tools and skills they need to embark on a successful career in support care.

We offer drop-in support at the centre, so you can drop by at any time on Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. We are located at the Little Saigon Plaza Bankstown on Level 2/462 Chapel Road, NSW 2200.

For more information, ask your Participant Services Delivery Officer about the Home Care Experience Centre or register for the program.

How we support Home Care Providers

As part of the Home Care Workforce Support Program, we support the growth and upskilling of the at-home aged care workforce by connecting Home Care Providers with high-quality talent through our dedicated program business relationship team.

Get in touch to discuss how we can support your hiring needs at hcsupport@ssi.org.au.


Home care worker bringing groceries to senior


Home Care Staffing Support

We can also help home care providers hire verified support workers through our Home Care Staffing Support and offer a subsidy to cover 50% of the wages of the workers hired through this initiative.

Get in touch

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Or email us at homecare@ssi.org.au


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