Meet Remy,

Remy is a 15-year-old girl who visited an SSI office on behalf of her mother. Remy shares a room with her mother in a rental share house. The mother and daughter were forced to move out of their old home in May due to an inability to pay rent.

Meet remy

Remy visited SSI to collect a care package containing food and basic everyday supplies and drop off her mother’s bank statement for ERAS. Remy explained that her mother is feeling very unwell due to problems with her blood pressure.

When asked if Remy was able to attend school, she explained that she did, but had to take this day off to help her mum with paperwork.

Remy shared that she was finding things hard, and she is constantly stressed about her mother’s health and their situation. Having only arrived in Australia in late 2019, Remy does not have adequate support or any friends to talk to. She explained that “the other kids behave weird around me.”

Remy was not permitted to complete the Emergency Relief for Asylum Seekers (ERAS) process and sign the declaration form on behalf of her mother. This caused the teenager obvious distress as she feared this would cause further delay in them receiving the financial assistance they desperately need.

Since March 28, 2020, the mother and daughter have received a $700 grant from charity to survive. This works out to approximately $233 a month or $58 per week for two people to live on.

Remy left our office with some warm clothing, a care package, and the harsh weight of responsibility for her and her mother’s situation.

*Image and name changed to protect the individual's identity.