Meet Annisa

Annisa* is a 25-year-old mother of a young son and is pregnant with her second child.

She travelled to Australia earlier in life in an attempt to seek asylum from conflict in her home country, Sri Lanka.

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Annisa is in the middle of a separation with her husband and has had to leave their shared home for her safety. Her husband lost his income due to COVID-19 shutdowns and cannot assist Annisa to pay rent.

As people seeking asylum on bridging or temporary visas have been omitted from the federal government’s COVID-19 emergency stimulus payments, Annisa is ineligible to receive the Jobkeeper or Jobseeker payments.

Annisa has been left homeless, staying with friends, for now. She is extremely concerned about how she will pay her bills and find a home for her children.

“If I was facing a different, or just one problem I could deal with it, but I am just very worried for my son. I can't lose his future,” said Annisa.

Annisa, who is originally from Sri Lanka, was unable to complete her high school education. As a result, she is extremely eager to support her son through higher education and into a stable form of employment.

"I have big dreams for my son. As you know my country has had a lot of political problems. He does not have these issues [being in Australia], he is able to study and play and be happy. My ambition is for him to become a doctor one day, to give him a good life. I think his future is very bright.”

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*Image and name changed to protect the individual's identity.