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With 2020-21 Budget, Australia is building back worse not better

Settlement Services International is dismayed that Australia’s 2020-21 Budget has delivered stimulus and incentives to businesses and those on high incomes by sacrificing those most vulnerable — in Australia and overseas – to a future of destitution.

From the CEO: Beating the isolation of closed borders through community connection

COVID-19 has touched everyone around the globe, causing economies to come crashing to a halt, shut-downs to be mandated and borders to close.

Hardworking taxpayers left with almost no support: an insight

“There are many, many honest and hardworking taxpayers, now unemployed in our communities who have almost no support. They are in serious crisis,” said SSI Community Engagement Practitioner, Paula Ben David.

How Saira found a second family while searching for employment

In March 2018, Saira* crossed the globe alone, travelling from her home in Sierra Leone to Australia, to escape her traditional marriage and build the foundations of a new life for herself, and one day her children.

Iraqi-born researcher and refugee gets work published in prestigious scientific journal

Iraqi refugee and PhD student of astronomy Rami Alsaberi arrived in Australia in December 2016 with his parents, brothers and sister as a family unit of seven from Iraq after spending three years in Jordan.

From the CEO: 2020 – the year of welcome?

Dates allocated to celebrate particular causes and communities can sometimes risk ending in token celebrations that are quickly forgotten as we prepare for the next occasion. In Australia, we’ve always endeavoured to ensure that Refugee Week in June is about more than just ‘food, festivals and fashion’, but this year brought a whole new challenge thanks to COVID-19.

COVID-19 causes talented asylum-seeking artist to lose work, but not hope

Like many individuals working in the creative sector, Damon, a talented photographer and artist has been greatly impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

COVID-19 leaves Australia’s most vulnerable without food on the table

In response to overwhelming demand, SSI is distributing donated food packages to individuals and families from asylum seeker backgrounds.

From the CEO: Our country is stuck in a toxic relationship

You know you’re in a toxic relationship when there is a negative change in the way you see yourself and your relationship with the world. For me, the signs have been clear for years: our country is stuck in a toxic relationship with itself, and we urgently need to come to terms with who we really are.

SSI calls out discriminatory visa approach in COVID-19 stimulus packages

"The virus doesn’t discriminate but the government is discriminating by visa type." As a signatory to an open letter sent to the Prime Minister today, Settlement Services International (SSI) has backed calls across the community services sector to leave nobody behind, “build back better” and avoid mass-unemployment and social unrest after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why we need value-driven leadership during crisis

Six months ago, we could not have predicted the immense impact the COVID-19 pandemic would have on our lives, businesses and economy.

SSI saddened that millions miss out in JobKeeper scheme

Settlement Services International (SSI) welcomes the passage of vital JobKeeper legislation that will help six million workers and their families to put food on the table, pay bills and self-isolate safely.

SSI shares evidence-based, best global practice at Global Refugee Forum

Eighty-two signatories have endorsed an open pledge to support an affordable, inclusive community refugee sponsorship program in Australia, launched by SSI and 65 other community groups prior to the first-ever Global Refugee Forum (GRF), hosted by UNHCR in Geneva in December 2019.

Claims of refugee unemployment crisis miss basic facts

A high jobless rate among newly arrived refugees is not indicative of a systemic unemployment crisis and typifying it as such ignores the long-term trends in refugee settlement, according to a leading refugee settlement provider.

SSI submits pledges ahead of UNHCR Global Refugee Forum

The first Global Refugee Forum (GRF) will be hosted by UNHCR in Geneva December 17-18.

Armidale community shows the way for regional settlement

A unique approach to regional refugee settlement is delivering strong results for integration and refugee retention in the new settlement location of Armidale, offering insights that will guide other regional centres seeking to welcome newcomers as long-term members of their communities.

NSW leads the country in unlocking employment potential for refugees

State government agencies and their partners work in collaboration to connect refugee job seekers with secure, long-term employment When Rania Shahoud, her husband and their two sons arrived in Australia in 2017 from Aleppo, Syria, she didn’t know whether she’d ever find a job.

Expo puts refugees on path to employment

The challenges of finding employment and navigating the Australian employment sector as a new arrival was at the forefront of conversations at a recent employment expo held at SSI's Community Kitchen.

Mattress recycling social enterprise partners with SSI to help individuals seeking asylum into employment

More than 20 hardworking individuals seeking asylum in Australia have found employment after a mattress recycling social enterprise partnered with SSI to replace their machines with manpower.

From the Executive General manager: Employment support in settlement and beyond

Four years ago this month, our government made the historic decision to add an additional 12,000 places to Australia’s refugee intake for refugees affected by the war in Syria and Iraq.