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31 Jan 2022


Afghan refugee and former IT professional sees bright new future in Australia


Tahir Sadeq and his family at the Waverley Council and SSI ‘Welcome Project’ picnic at Bondi Beach.

They currently reside in their short-term accommodation, and, like other Afghan evacuees, received immediate support from Settlement Services International (SSI) through the Australian Government’s Humanitarian Settlement Program funded by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs* to access essential services and integrate into Australian life. 

Mr Sadeq has worked in IT operations for multiple companies, including working with Australian and US forces, which, he said, helped him with his application for humanitarian visas.  

“We were in danger and applied for visas to Australia. My job helped.” 

“Back in Afghanistan, we had a good life, good job,” he said. 

Mr Sadeq said that many lost jobs and people like him who’d worked for foreign companies were at risk. 

“Then the Taliban came, and life was in danger.” 

Mr Sadeq and his family left Afghanistan from Kabul airport and spent one week in Dubai at an army base before arriving in Darwin, Australia.

After 14 days in quarantine, they chose Sydney as their permanent location.

“We heard a lot about Sydney in Kabul, and in quarantine, we heard about Sydney, they told us some benefits.” 

Mr Sadeq attended the SSI and Cricket Australia launch event in late 2021 and said that he doesn’t play cricket but prefers the sport as a spectator, and the Australian and Indian teams are his favourite.

“I don’t play, I’m busy with my job, but I saw lots of matches in 2020,” he said. 

“I like watching cricket and like the sport. 

“It’s something you do with family and friends.” 

Mr Sadeq said he’s excited to start his new life in Australia and hopes to work in IT operations again. 

“We see a bright future here.” 


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