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About SSI Legal Pty Ltd

SSI Legal, fully owned by SSI, emerged following the recent acquisition of trusted Melbourne-based immigration law practice, Mary Hanna Lawyers.

SSI Legal offers dedicated support and cost-effective solutions to immigration legal matters, with a fully qualified and experienced team.

Law can be hard to understand at times, and the process can be overwhelming. SSI Legal has a client-focused approach that helps guide clients to find the best solutions for their circumstances. SSI Legal is led by the same values and principles as the wider organisation – respect, accountability and inclusion. We are ethical and committed to providing strategic, timely and cost-effective solutions to your immigration legal matter and honest advice at the outset about the prospects of success.


SSI Legal Pty Ltd is a certified social enterprise. You can be sure our service is doing ‘business for good’ – creating genuine impact and contributing to a fairer and more equitable Australia.


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SSI Legal - Our services
SSI Legal – Our services

SSI Legal offers dedicated support and cost-effective solutions by a team who are fully qualified and experienced in all areas of migration and citizenship law.

CSP client referral guide
CSP client referral guide

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Contact us with your immigration query, to make an appointment or find out more about SSI Legal’s services:

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Address: SSI, Level 2/100 Drummond Street, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

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About SRSS

The Federal Government’s Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) program provides assistance to eligible asylum seekers, including accessing financial support, accommodation, healthcare, employment and education.

We deliver the SRSS program to eligible people seeking asylum living in the community on bridging visas. We are one of two national providers delivering services in NSW, ACT, Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania.

How we help

We engage recipients providing tailored support based on individual circumstances and needs, with the goal of building self-efficacy.
We may help with temporary and long-term accommodation solutions as well as income support.
Our case managers assist individuals to access mainstream and specialised services.

Get in touch

National Phone Number: 1800asylum which is 1800 279 586 or 02 9685 0100

Hours of Operation: 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)

Program funded by Australian Government Department of Home Affairs

About Diversity Training

Australia is a vibrant, multicultural society, with one in four residents born overseas and over 400 languages spoken. Yet few businesses and organisations fully harness the enormous potential diversity offers.

Based on more than 20 years experience as a leading provider of services to multicultural communities, SSI’s Diversity Training transforms how people respond to diversity in ways that are thought-provoking, inspire curiosity, and build confidence.

We are committed to a diverse and inclusive society where everyone is valued and can meaningfully participate and meet their potential. Through positive learning and sharing stories, we empower people to engage more effectively with people around them – no matter their background.

You can choose from our off-the-shelf products, starting with our e-module and gradually building your workforce capability over time through our online or in-person workshops. Another option is to partner with us to customise training that aligns with your organisational context.

How we help

We provide tailored diversity training courses either face-to-face or online.
We facilitate reflective conversations that build on the knowledge in the room, foster empathy and create connections across teams.
Our training helps organisations achieve diversity goals, recruit and retain diverse staff and make diversity into a competitive advantage.

Why choose us

  • We live and breathe diversity with a team that speaks over 100 languages. Our training is grounded in 20+ years of experience of providing services to culturally and linguistically diverse communities.
  • We know how to harness diversity because in any given year, SSI delivers culturally responsive services to more than 50,000 people from mixed cultural and social backgrounds.
  • We are a certified social enterprise and training with us will also help you meet your social procurement goals.
  • Fuss-free procurement as we are available through supplier lists such as Local Buy and VendorPanel.

Our impact

400 +


delivered by SSI

6,000 +



96 %

of participants

rated our workshops positively in the past two years

Latest news

Read valuable insights on culturally responsive practice in aged care from our Diversity Training Manager, Janet Irvine, in the latest issue of Aged Care Today Magazine (Autumn 2024)!

In her article, Janet sheds light on the vital role of culturally responsive care and the urgent need for practical training in navigating cross-cultural nuances. Discover how our new online learning program is equipping aged care workers to provide person-centred support for seniors from diverse backgrounds.

Learn more about the program and our customised training solutions.

Diversity Training
Diversity Training

Developing a culturally responsive and inclusive workforce.

Diversity Training for Business
Diversity Training for Business

Cultural diversity training for small to large businesses.

Diversity Training for Government
Diversity Training for Government

Cultural diversity training for government.

Diversity Training for not-for-profit organisations
Diversity Training for not-for-profit organisations

Cultural diversity training for not-for-profit organisations.

An aged care workforce for the future
An aged care workforce for the future

Recruiting and maintaining a culturally diverse workforce in aged care services.

Culturally Inclusive Workplace Self Assessment Tool
Culturally Inclusive Workplace Self Assessment Tool

Workshops available

e-Learning Module: Introduction to culturally responsive practice

This e-module helps organisations support their workforce to grow the capabilities needed to respond to the unique needs of individuals and communities and provide equitable access to opportunities and services.

Learners will grow their awareness of the multicultural context in Australia, understand their responsibilities to uphold the rights of our diverse communities and explore key frameworks and concepts to build their understanding of what it means to work in culturally respectful and inclusive ways.

This e-module can be customised and uploaded to your organisation’s learning management system.

Fundamentals of culturally responsive practice

Culturally responsive practice training is a reflective process that will help participants gain an insight into their own organisational culture, behaviours, and practices to make their services more accessible and avoid creating service-related barriers.

We have customised versions of this workshop for different contexts, including disability, aged home care, refugee support services, child safety and out-of-home care, schools, early childhood and volunteer management. Our team can adjust this workshop to suit most contexts or sectors.

Working inclusively in a culturally diverse workplace

This cultural diversity training workshop assists people leading and working in diverse teams to work more effectively and inclusively. There are many benefits of a diverse workforce but this can only be realised when we act to build inclusion, grow self-awareness and cultural humility.

Effective customer service in a multicultural context

Customer service staff are the first point of contact for customers and clients and have significant influence on the organisation’s reputation. This workshop assists customer service staff to communicate effectively, build trust and be responsive to culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Engaging multicultural communities

A key reason why Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities do not access services at the same rate as the broader population is that they are often not aware of the services that exist or what their entitlements are. This workshop will look at community engagement as an approach to build capacity with a focus on minimising barriers experienced by CALD communities.

Working with language services

This workshop provides participants with essential skills to work effectively with interpreters to better engage and communicate with diverse communities.

Attracting and recruiting a diverse workforce

To attract and recruit culturally diverse workers, organisations must look beyond the traditional recruitment channels and consciously adopt targeted and flexible approaches as well as build supportive and inclusive workplaces.

Trauma-informed service delivery

This workshop will assist non-clinical workers to respond to people in a trauma-informed way, minimising retraumatising people and providing services that support recovery.

Supporting positive cultural identity for foster carers and adoptive parents

Supporting positive cultural identity for children and young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in your care is easier said than done. This course aims to support carers to find more meaningful and practical ways to support a child’s development of a positive cultural identity.

Free 2-day multicultural DV-alert workshop with Lifeline

Free, nationally accredited training to help frontline workers recognise the signs of domestic and family violence, and know what to do next. Organised in partnership with Lifeline. Learn more here.

Inclusive mindset workshops for secondary students

SSI’s student workshops provide learning experiences that transform how students respond to diversity in ways that are fun, thought-provoking, inspire curiosity, and build confidence to engage with cultural diversity.

What others think

“The sessions were facilitated by a highly skilled trainer and included thought-provoking content, yet with highly practical applications for our employees. The training helped our teams develop greater empathy for others, and we now have a new appreciation for culturally responsive practices.”
Natasha Jordan, Manager, Customer Strategy, Customer & Partner Experience, Ausgrid
“Settlement Services International have provided our organisation with extremely rich and valuable learning.”
Tim Stevenson, Learning and Development Lead, ACSO

Our facilitators

Our facilitators are an experienced, passionate team who have lived experience working in culturally diverse workplaces, and are skilled in the design and delivery of transformative learning experiences that are culturally responsive and trauma-informed.

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