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Jasmine was born with Spina Bifida and as a consequence her parents had always been very protective towards her. However, soon after she turned 12, Jasmine's parents felt their support wasn’t enough and that the situation had become too overwhelming to continue on their own.

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Ability Links NSW connects people with disability with their community

 Jasmine had been using a wheelchair, but her dad had to carry her to access their house in Mount Druitt, which wasn’t wheelchair accessible. But now, with Jasmine growing in to a teenager this became more difficult.

Jasmine had also become lonely as she spent most of her free time at home, because her family thought her Spina Bifida meant she could not play and participate with other kids.

This was the situation when SSI Linker Shabana, from Ability Links NSW (ALNSW), got a phone call from Jasmine’s mother and they made an appointment.

ALNSW is a free program delivered by SSI that supports people with disability, their family and carers to live the life they want as valued and equal members of their community.

The program is delivered through Linkers, who have extensive knowledge of their local communities. Linkers provide a locally-based, first point of contact for people who want to access support and services in their community.

Ability Linker Shabana assessed that the most urgent thing was to find a way to get a ramp installed to the house so Jasmine had independence to come and go without her dad’s help.

The SSI Linkers helped the family contact two specialists in installing ramps for disabled access and Jasmine was soon able to enter her home for the first time on her own.

Linker Shabana met again with Jasmine and her family to explore what her interests were. Jasmine said she loved swimming but she wasn't confident in the water.

Shabana researched and found a local pool that was fully accessible to people in wheelchairs and that it could provide specialised swimming lessons for Jasmine.

A few weeks later Jasmine started weekly swimming lessons before going back to an easily accessible home.

For more information on how Ability Links could help you or someone you care for, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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