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Kickstart your journey today and let us guide you through the process of turning your passion into a thriving business.

Join us for a FREE workshop that will help you:

• Understand the difference between a hobby and a business, and the value of each
• Evaluate the overall potential of your idea
• Identify your personal strengths, skills and role in your business
• Learn about the importance of having a supportive business community, and how to find one.

This workshop would suit a person with a disability (including mental ill health) who: 

  • has a business idea
  • has an existing small business and is looking for extra support
  • does not have a business idea but is interested in learning about what it would take to start a small business

Or a person who: 

  • is the carer/family member of a person with a disability
  • wants to start a business to support people with disabilities

Following the workshop, referral into the SSI IgniteAbility® program is available for one-on-one free support for workshop participants ready to start their small business or strengthen an existing one.  For more information, visit our webpage here.

Sign up for the virtual workshop here.

These workshops run twice per month –

  • The first Wednesday of the month – 4pm – 5pm
  • The second Tuesday of the month – 11 am – 12 pm

Can’t make a  virtual workshop? We have a newly upgraded FREE e-learning version of this workshop. You can sign up here.