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Mahdi, who was born in Iran, has a passion for calligraphy, creative writing and painting. After finishing school, Mahdi began painting and decorating city walls in Iran where he enjoyed turning dull city walls into colourful and bright themes.

Nightmare, 2015, Oil on canvas, 100x100cm. Photo: Graeme Wienand.

Growing up in a socially oppressed society, Mahdi used his artistic ability to express his feelings about the everyday struggles of people in Iran. The majority of Mahdi’s art is a reflection of the struggles and circumstances he has faced. Mahdi exhibited his work at SSI’sArt is Our Voice exhibition in 2014, demonstrating his wish to tell his story to the Australian community through his art. 

"Following my arrival in Australia, my enthusiasm for painting has grown stronger," Mahdi said."Painting and colour have always been a part of my life. It takes hours, sometimes weeks, to feel the colours. They help me keep my memories alive.

"I fear of the war, I fear of being away from my family. I fear of tomorrow and the lack of a safe place to call home. I fear of an uncertain future that I’m always worried about. I feel like a heartbroken prisoner in a cage.  This is my nightmare.   

"I am Mahdi, with inexhaustible energy to create."

Details: See Mahdi's work at "Home: between here and there"

Where: Bankstown Arts Centre, 5 Olympic Parade, Bankstown, NSW

When: August 19-22

Opening: 6pm, August 19 

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