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SSI supporting asylum seekers, two years on

This week marks the second anniversary of Settlement Services International (SSI) delivering support programs to asylum seekers in NSW. From about 15 staff supporting 75 clients in 2012, SSI now has 160 staff members. 

Manager Humanitarian Services David Keegan said it was a testament to staff and team leaders that the organisation had successfully and efficiently negotiated the large growth in such a short timeframe.

CSP staff

“Over these two years, our Community Support Program (CSP) has successfully provided a high level of case management for people seeking refugee protection in NSW,” Mr Keegan said. “This has been evident in the care and commitment our team has invested in making the lives of these vulnerable people as secure and safe as possible while living in the community.”

“The program has changed over this time, with case managers increasingly focused on supporting clients to be self-sufficient and connecting them with communities. Our staff has collaborated and worked closely with communities to support clients to meet their needs.

“People seeking asylum have usually suffered extreme circumstances that can leave them socially isolated. SSI has undertaken strategies to support them to embrace opportunities that reconnect them with wider social networks. We have created special programs that have empowered clients to be socially engaged and to display their skills and talents, including Community Kitchen, Playtime, arts projects and exhibitions such as Art Is Our Voice, and sports.

“As we move forward, SSI will continue to work with governments to refine the delivery of its services for people seeking asylum and the collaboration with our stakeholders. We will continue to make the program more client-centric and community-oriented to support people to effectively settle in Australia.

“Thank you to the staff, volunteers, collaborators and clients who have contributed to the successful outcomes over this time.”

Wednesday August 20, 2014

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