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The National Community Hubs Program 2018 Year in Review is now available.

Year in Review 2018 550

The year 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of the visionary partnership between the Australian Government and the Scanlon Foundation, which laid the foundations for the national community hubs network.

It saw the network expand into South Australia and regional Victoria, adding to the already established sites across Melbourne, Western Sydney, Wollongong, Logan and Ipswich.

Hubs have now been successfully introduced into more than 70 diverse local communities, including metropolitan and regional areas.

Over the year, families from 118 countries attended a local hub more than 390,000 times for early years’ programs, English language support, vocational training, or the chance to simply connect and learn more about their community.

More than 5,300 families attended hub activities each term. Across the year, there were more than 31,000 attendances at children’s language and literacy programs, more than 21,000 attendances at English classes, and more than 10,000 adult attendances at formal training and almost 10,000 attendances at informal training across the hubs network.

Based predominantly in primary schools, community hubs serve gateways that connect culturally and linguistically diverse families with each other, their school, their community, and a wide range of services.

They have a proven, positive impact on school readiness of children, confidence of women, and cohesion of local communities.

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