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14 Dec 2017


Local refugee story featured in Marie Claire Fashion Magazine: “I made Australia home”

Ania Kebabjian featured in Marie Claire Magazine’s January 2018 edition.
In this day and age, it can be difficult for even local Australian graduates to secure themselves a professional role in industry or the corporate world, but for Ania this process appeared to have been rather seamless with lucky stars aligned. Within her first three months of settlement, she had already secured herself a job in Australian State Government.
SSI had invited Ania to a Refugee Employment Program where she received mentorship, opportunities and where, ultimately, her segway into a secure and professional role with government was forged.
When asked to describe her experience with SSI, Ania highlights that it’s all about the opportunities and ultimately up to the individual how these new beginnings are realised. 
“SSI is like an encouraging mentor who provides you with all the opportunities and then it’s up to you whether or not to take them!” Ania said. 
When asked to describe her favourite things about Australia, Ania explains that it is a sense of freedom that comes along with a new found independence.
“Australia is full of opportunities, and it’s there for those who are ready to grab it. Having a job like I have today wasn’t something I could have back home or even dream of having!” Ania said. 
Ania has certainly shattered the refugee stereotype and is transparent about breaking down barriers in her interview with Marie Claire magazine.
“Refugee does not always mean someone who can’t speak, read or write in English. A refugee can be smart and intelligent and can work just like any other Australian who is willing to,” she told Marie Claire magazine.
Ania is featured in January’s edition of Marie Claire and injects some realism into the refugee myth that all refugees arrive by boat, worn and torn. 
“We flew by plane, I had my hair and makeup done, I was in high heels and my outfit was very fashionable,” Ania tells Marie Claire.
Flick to Slide 5 of the Marie Claire online gallery to see Ania featured here.
Buy a copy of Marie Claire’s January edition to see Ania featured in hard copy.

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