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28 Feb 2022

Yamamah Agha

Yamamah Agha is an executive leader, humanitarian and advocate dedicated to creating lasting, meaningful change for refugees and newcomers.

Driven by respect and compassion, Yamamah has spent nearly 20 years supporting new arrivals to settle in Australia, with a particular focus on women’s rights and ensuring people with lived experience influence the services they receive.

As General Manager, Newcomers, Settlement and Integration, Yamamah leads all settlement programs at Settlement Servies International (SSI), a national nonprofit organisation that delivers human services to around 50,000 people annually, including 20,000 refugees.

Yamamah has extensive frontline experience in settlement, including complex case support and case management, which – coupled with strong problem-solving skills and strategic thinking – have led to a leadership career traversing migrant resource centres and program management before moving into her current executive role with SSI.

A former Pro Bono Australia’s Impact 25 Awards winner, Yamamah brings a global perspective to local service delivery and has undertaken extensive international advocacy, including leading an Australia delegation at the 2018 Annual NGO Consultations, where she acted as Rapporteur.

She holds a degree in Sociology from the Lebanese University Institute of Social Sciences and a Diploma in Management.

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