IgniteAbility Small Business Start-ups

IgniteAbility Small Business Start-ups is a pilot program established by Settlement Services International (SSI) to facilitate business creation for people with disability who are passionate about establishing a small business or expanding an existing one.

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SSI is a leader in disability reform by creating opportunities for people with disability to contribute in all aspects of life: economic, social and civic. ABS data highlights that people with disability have a higher rate of entrepreneurship than people without disability. As a result, SSI has developed a ground-breaking program that ‘taps’ into individual’s ambitions and motivations for a future of sustainable self-employment.

SSI recognises that meaningful employment is important to a stable, secure and independent future, as well as to an individual’s physical, mental and personal well-being and sense of belonging and identity.

IgniteAbility Small Business Start-ups demonstrates SSI’s commitment to, and innovation in enhancing the social and economic participation of the people it supports.
IgniteAbility has been inspired by the success of the Ignite Small Business Start-ups model that assists people of refugee background. IgniteAbility will be tailored to address barriers and meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs with disability, providing an ecosystem of support for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Program participants who are passionate about starting or expanding a business are supported by an IgniteAbility Facilitator who:

  • provides free and confidential support from locations that best suit the participant
  • supports capacity-building and networking in areas such as product development, marketing and financial management
  • works with individuals to overcome barriers that may have prevented them from realising their potential

Due to the nature of the program and the face to face approach used to support the clients, IgniteAbility can only work with clients who are based in Greater Sydney area. At this stage, IgniteAbility is unable to support clients in NSW regional areas.

For more information please read the pdfIgniteAbility FAQs or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


pdfIgniteAbility Impact Report