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07 Nov 2018


Welcome2Sydney newcomers and ambassadors celebrate National Unity Week

Welcome2Sydney ambassadors and new arrivals celebrate National Unity Week at Observatory Hill Park.

In an attempt to provide newcomers with increased access to services and information within the City of Sydney, Welcome2Sydney has been helping new arrivals explore their new city with a volunteer ambassador who introduces them to the city’s highlights.

Newcomers and ambassadors from different cultures were invited to meet each other and exchange cross-cultural conversations while eating together and playing some games.

One participant said, “It was amazing to spend a beautiful day outdoors and see a new location while sharing food and meeting with new ambassadors and catch up with others we have previously met.

“We also did not know that this park existed and the view of the harbour is just stunning.”

Another family said, “Everyone was so friendly and we felt part of the community.

“We are also now friends with some of the ambassadors and feel more comfortable every time we meet.”

Ambassadors also had the opportunity to get to know new families.

“It was fantastic to reconnect with families and hear about their progress in settling into Sydney,” an ambassador said. “I loved being able to explore Observatory Hill with them and play rugby and Jenga with the kids. We invented a new game: Ultimate Frisbee but with a rugby ball!”

Another ambassador said, “I enjoyed talking to participants and it was nice seeing people chatting to each other and playing games in a very lovely environment.”

Welcome2Sydney is a collaboration between SSI and the City of Sydney.

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