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24 Jun 2018


We are for people with disability … and their carers

A great time for carers to look after themselves

“Carers of people with disability always put those who they care for first, and are not often acknowledged; they are tireless supporters of their loved ones, sometimes relegating their own wellbeing” said Ms Amita Lama, SSI Ability Links Linker who organised this wonderful event. “Carers enjoyed two hours to focus on their health and wellbeing, through beauty therapies, henna, wellbeing conversations and gentle exercise”.

“I feel so pampered today”, “I don’t remember when was the last time I painted my nails”, “I would have never thought of pampering myself if I was at home, usually I do cleaning and other house work but never to do anything for myself”, were some of the comments from the 16 carers attending the special morning.

Ms Farah Vayani, carer for her child with disability and facilitator of a support group with the Autism Community Network in Castle Hill, shared some of her thoughts on why it was important for carers to take time to look after themselves. “We as carers often forget about ourselves,” she said. “Sometimes we can feel like we are about to break, and we need to understand that in order to care for others, we need to take care of ourselves. It’s difficult for us to do it, but once we do, it’s a big change and we feel invigorated.”

Ms Vayani said, “Sometimes caring for a loved one with disability can be isolating; it’s important to look for support, have the space to share, vent, and understand we are not alone.

“We want to promote these spaces in the community. Carers make a tireless effort and they need to be rewarded. It’s very important to dedicate some time for self-care, and why not laugh — laughter is the best medicine.”

Carers spent a wonderful morning focusing on themselves and re-energising to come back to their everyday lives giving their best to the loved ones they care for.

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