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25 Jun 2015


UNHCR Partner consultations and NGO Standing Committee in Geneva

SSI Case Manager Najeeba Wazefadost has adressed the UNHCR NGO Consultations in Geneva for a second time this week overnight. Ms Wazefadost, a former asylum seeker and refugee who is representing RCOA at the consultations, gave a closing speech.

Read Ms Wazefadost’s speech below:
Najeeba Wazefadost Closing Remarks133.39 KB

Former asylum seeker and refugee Najeeba Wazefadost has spoken at the UNHCR NGO Consultations Youth and Adolescent Session overnight. She described her experience, which included time in immigration detention while still a child, and called for a way to process and protect child refugees without placing them in detention.

Ms Wazefadost is a Case Manager for SSI, working with newly arrived refugees in Australia, but she is in Geneva representing the Australian National Committee on Refugee Women and the Asian Women’s Human Rights Council.

Read her speech in full, below.
pdfNajeeba Wazefadost Youth and Adolescent Session Speech.127.61 KB

Najeeba WazedafostNajeeba Wazefadost at the UNHCR NGO Consultations in Geneva.

More Tweets from SSI representatives and other NGOs at the UNHCR NGO Consultations.

After a week of Standing Committee meetings in the lead up to the 2015 UNHCR NGO Consultations this week, the leading NGOs from around the world agreed on and prepared prepared seven official statements to guide strategies for better protection and settlement of refugees.

Read them in the documents below:

pdf1. NGO Statement on Protection Oral 2 SCOM June 2015230.33 KB

pdf2. NGO Statement on Statelessness Oral SCOM June 2015165.71 KB

pdf3. NGO Statement on Detention Oral SCOM June 2015262.08 KB

pdf4. NGO Statement on CBP and AGD Oral SCOM June 2015165.24 KB

pdf5. NGO Statement on Solutions Oral SCOM June 2015132.92 KB

pdf6. NGO Statement on Public Health HIV Oral SCOM June 2015151.45 KB

pdf7. NGO Statement on Cash Draft Oral SCOM June 2015192.58 KB

Below is the updated scehdule for the NGO Consultations in Geneva, starting today.

In the lead up to the NGO consultations, UNHCR Special Envoy for Refugee Issues Angelina Jolie Pitt spoke in Turkey on World Refugee Day, June 20, about the worsening crisis.
More Tweets from the standing committee meetings in Geneva, where NGOs and UNHCR regional bodies are meeting to discuss refugee issues and to plan and strategies for solutions.

SSI Case Manager Najeeba Wazefadost came to Australia with her family to seek asylum in 2000, when she was 11. She and er family were detained in immigration detention before being granted refugee protection by Australia. Ms Wazefadost is at the UNHCR Partner Consultations representing the Australian National Committee on Refugee Women and the Asian Women’s Human Rights Council: she read the global NGO statement on alternatives to detention at UNHCR’s Standing Committee meeting.


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