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06 May 2024


SSI’s 2024-25 pre-budget submission – Addressing skills shortages and promoting multiculturalism 

Amidst the challenges of skills shortages, an aging population, and escalating cost of living pressures, it is critical all Australian residents are supported to reach their potential and contribute to their community. 

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SSI’s pre-budget submission for the 2024-25 Australian Government highlights five key proposals focused on fostering a fair and prosperous society, including making sure workers from all backgrounds can use their skills and expertise and supporting a diverse Australia through a Federal Office of Multiculturalism. 

  • Place-based employment hubs: To help unlock the economic potential of newcomers, the Government should trial integrated refugee and migrant employment hubs. There should be a place where skilled migrants should be able to go to receive tailored advice on entering the workforce in Australia. The pilots should be in disadvantaged areas with high proportions of migrants and refugees and involve the settlement sector, employers and all levels of government. 
  • Reforming Skills Recognition Systems: The submission calls for the establishment of a national oversight body to ensure that processes are fair, transparent and accountable for those seeking to get their overseas qualifications recognised in Australia.   
  • Addressing Workforce Shortages in Home Care: SSI also calls for the continuation of funding for the Home Care Workforce Support Program, with a continued focus on migrant and refugee communities. 
  • Commitment to Multicultural Framework: SSI proposes the establishment of a Federal Office of Multiculturalism and Cabinet-level representation for the immigration and multicultural affairs portfolios. These measures seek to ensure that multicultural policy is given the attention it deserves, not just in one department but across government. 
  • Valuing and Investing in the Community Sector: Much like other prices, the cost of delivering services has only increased over recent years. SSI advocates for fair and transparent indexation and longer grant lengths for community service programs. Increasing certainty and funding the fill cost of service delivery will strengthen the capacity of the community sector to deliver essential services effectively. 

By prioritising well-being and economic inclusion, these proposals align with the Australian government’s commitment to fostering an equitable society where all people have the opportunity to thrive. An inclusive Australia is a stronger Australia. 

Read SSI’s full policy submission here.

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