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15 Sep 2021


SSI wins inaugural CAPS Child Protection Week Award

While this year has brought many new challenges, Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPS) initiated the awards during National Child Protection Week (5-11 September) to recognise the many wonderful examples of innovation and adaptability across the child protection sector.

Organisations were encouraged to apply showing how they are including child safety in their day to day practice, for example, resource development, programming ideas, advertising campaigns, staff development or child-focused policy reviews.

The booklet is designed to complement life story work that is already being undertaken by children and young people in foster care. Life story work is an essential practice across the sector. It supports children and young people in care to have a meaningful understanding of their story to help them develop a strong sense of self, family, culture, community and their place in the world. The pandemic is a significant event in all of our lives and offers an opportunity for those in the sector to elevate their approach to life story work.

The booklet includes a variety of activities and prompts to help children make sense of this extraordinary time. Different versions of the story for children of a variety of cultures and faiths are also available.

The CAPS team felt that this project stood out for the crucial need that it addressed, its creativity, and the positive impact it has had and will continue to have for vulnerable children during the ongoing pandemic. They felt that this booklet could be beneficial for multicultural children everywhere.

Congratulations to the Multicultural Child and Family Program on this achievement!


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