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07 Mar 2016


SSI Speakers’ Series: Inspiring stories of former refugees who have made Australia home

Four special guests will tell their inspiring stories at Speakers’ Series.

Date: Tuesday 29 March 2016
Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Venue: Auditorium SSI Head Office Level 2, 158 Liverpool Road, Ashfield
General admission: $15.00
Collected funds will go to support SSI’s Arts & Culture program.

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Guest speakers:

Mr Deng Adut
Solicitor, AC Law Group

Deng Adut is a prominent community leader and internationally renowned lawyer. He has been nationally recognised for his achievements, including by NSW Premier Mike Baird, who invited Deng to give the 2016 Australia Day Address, which drew critical acclaim both at home and abroad. Having come to Australia as a refugee, following life as a child soldier in Sudan, Deng put himself through law school and has become a formidable advocate. Deng practices in the areas of criminal, family, employment and international law. He has also demonstrated a remarkable commitment to social justice, having worked at Blacktown Local Court as a liaison officer to the local Sudanese community and at Parramatta Community Justice Clinic, which provides disadvantaged community members with access to the legal justice system. Deng’s life story recently featured in a viral advertisement for Western Sydney University.

Ms Aminata Conteh-Biger
Founder & CEO of The Aminata Maternal Foundation

In 1999, rebel forces captured Aminata Conteh-Biger during a civil war in her native Sierra Leone and held her captive for several months. When Aminata was released as part of a negotiated exchange, one of her captors still posed a serious threat to her safety and, with the UNHCR’s help, she came to Australia as a refugee. On her arrival, Aminata was alone, confused and homesick but with support from community networks and friends, she has made a home for herself in Australia. Aminata is now a UNHCR ambassador and the CEO and founder of The Aminata Maternal Foundation – an organisation established to stem maternal and newborn deaths in Sierra Leone.

Ms Hana Sadiq
Educator at Miller Intensive Language Centre

Hana Sadiq has worked at Miller Intensive Language Centre for more than 13 years, most recently as the School Support Liaison Officer (SLSO). Hana fulfils a range of responsibilities supporting students who are having problems at school and families who are experiencing difficulties with language and settlement. Hana runs information groups for parents and is deeply dedicated to the parents and students she works with as she understands how important it is to obtain the assistance and support they require in their community language, as they navigate the requirements of the schooling system. Hana’s commitment was recognised when she received the 2013 Humanitarian Award in Education from STARTTS.

Mr Huy Truong
CEO and co-owner of the Australian Life Insurance Group

Huy Truong fled Vietnam for Australia in 1978, and he has since developed a diverse business career as a management consultant, venture capitalist, corporate executive and entrepreneur. Huy is a pioneer in the Australian e-commerce industry, where he founded the online retailer, He is currently the CEO and co-owner of the Australian Life Insurance Group. Huy has an Economic Honours Degree from Monash University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He has a particular interest in supporting refugee and educational causes.

About the SSI Speakers’ Series

In 2016, Settlement Services International (SSI) is hosting a series of talks and panel discussions on current refugee and asylum seeker issues and related topics. The SSI Speakers’ Series aims to inform, connect and challenge SSI staff, stakeholders and the wider community by providing opportunities for discussion that enhance knowledge and awareness about relevant issues impacting the organisation’s clients and their communities.

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