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09 Dec 2015


SSI’s newest Ignite entrepreneurs

Ignite client Damon, in front of the camera for a change.

They leave as registered and trading businesses – quite a phenomenal and unique feature of Ignite.

The budding entrepreneurs enjoyed having their hair and make-up done, and working with a professional photographer to portray their business ventures.

A photographer himself, Damon AMB enjoyed the experience of being on the other side of the camera.

“Now I know how the fashion models I have worked with feel when I ask them to pretend to do this, and move like that,” Damon said.

Waiting on the resolution of his refugee status, Damon has recently been given work rights and is really excited to be working professionally again as a photographer.

Some businesses – like Damon AMB Photography – start up quite quickly, in just a matter of weeks.

Others are little more complex and take longer to achieve, such as Zigo LED lights.

Iman Tajrishi, seeking asylum from Iran, has identified a gap in the Sydney market for LED signage, and is working on finalising his marketing strategy and sourcing a wholesale LED supplier.

“I have experience in hairdressing, welding, and fashion but I can see that Sydney needs some good LED signs and my brother had a similar business in Iran so I am familiar with what to do,” Iman said.

Stay tuned for more about Iman, Damon and some of the other inspiring people that Ignite is working with.

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