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31 Jul 2018


New arrivals inspired by visit to Australian Museum

Welcome2Sydney provided a great opportunity for families to learn more about their new country at the Australian Museum.

The program recently invited 55 people to visit the Australian Museum — the oldest museum in Australia — in order to showcase the rich history of Australia, its natural history and Indigenous peoples.

The activities were a great opportunity for families to learn more about their new country and the children had a fascinating time exploring the different sections at the museum, from zoology to mineralogy and anthropology.

Mary from Syria was so impressed by the stones she saw that, after her visit, she gave a presentation about Australian minerals and mining at TAFE.

Maral from Iraq was so happy about the visit he said, “We did not know that this museum existed or was even located in this big building. We did not know about all these extinct animals, famous Australian personalities and all these rocks that Australia has.”

She was so excited that she shared her experience and photos with her colleagues in her English class and kept talking about it for days.

Rana and her family also had a marvellous time. Rana said, “It was impressive to see how humans can take care of history and tiny things that we take for granted like a fly or an ant. The kids were going insane and mind-blown by what they have seen at the museum.”

SSI and Welcome2Sydney would like to thank the Australian Museum for hosting the informative and enjoyable activities, and for offering complimentary access.

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