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13 Sep 2021


Manufacturing industry key to economic recovery in Sydney South West: How the Local Jobs Program is helping

 As an Employment Facilitator for the Australian Government-funded initiative, Joudy’s role is to coordinate work opportunities between employers and employment service providers to boost economic recovery in regions hardest hit by COVID.

“Successfully placing people at Eilbeck Cranes was a combination of engaging with employment services providers, grass roots organisations, and Indigenous organisations.

“This is what the Local Jobs Program is all about – collaborating with people on the ground and working with employment service providers and organisations to make connections so we can see better employment outcomes for communities and start to place local people in local jobs,” Joudy said.

Industries hardest hit by COVID have suffered enormously; many people who have been left without work are looking for options to upskill or pivot on their previous career choices.

Joudy says the manufacturing industry, alongside other industries with projected growth, is a key opportunity area for the Sydney South West region.

“Part of the challenge specific to the Sydney South West region is skills gaps in high-value sectors including construction, advanced manufacturing, scientific and technical services, health care and tertiary education.

“The Sydney South West job plan has a specific focus on creating opportunities for recently displaced workers with transferable skills to transition into these areas of employment growth, or self-employment,” she said.

The Sydney South West plan also has a key focus on meeting local employers’ workforce diversity needs and ensuring the facilitation of pathways for migrants and refugee job seekers in the employment region.

“Given my background with Settlement Services International (SSI) and our large connection of networks and contacts in this space, it is a priority for me to support all members of our diverse community into relevant training and local jobs.”

The roles at Eilbeck Cranes are just the start, with the company currently recruiting for first year electrical apprentices.

Mareece Edwards, HR Manager for Eilbeck Cranes, said the relationship with the Local Jobs Program has proven to be successful so far.

“The Local Jobs Program has assisted with our general labouring requirements, which was handled in an efficient, reliable, professional, and friendly way.

It’s great to be part of the Local Jobs Program supporting Australia’s economic recovery from the pandemic.”

Joudy says the Local Jobs Program – which is being rolled out nationally across 51 regions – will be critical in continuing to lift employment rates in COVID-hit regions. The government is investing $213.5 million to extend and expand the local Jobs Program to all 51 Employment Regions across Australia.

The collaboration of this program with key organisations on the ground is the best path forward to achieve great outcomes for the community.

“As the Employment Facilitator for the Local Jobs Program, with the support of the Commonwealth government, I play my part in supporting and boosting economic recovery in regions that need it most.”

If you are an employer or employment service provider in the Sydney South West region and you are interested in learning more about how the Local Jobs Program can support you, you can link in with Employment Facilitator Joudy Lazkany via the below details.

Joudy Lazkany
Employment Facilitator – Sydney South West Region
M: 0431 170 463

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