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27 Jul 2015


Judo provides strength and success for civil engineer from Iran

Hasan, who trains with the Zenbu Club in Silverwater, said he felt great and now a part of the Australian family.

“I feel so happy and it’s a proud moment for me,” Hasan said.

Hasan is a civil engineer from Iran and won championships in his home country before he had to flee and seek asylum.

“I started judo when I was 16 and I never looked back,” Hasan said.

“Training in Australia has really helped me mix with the community and when I train it takes my mind off my worries and my future.”

Hasan has been in Australia for more than two years.

Morgan Davis is the head coach at the Zenbu Club and said that Mr Hoseini was in good hands.

“I know he sometimes struggles financially and emotionally, so we help out wherever we can,” Mr Davis said.

“We are quite a competitive club so Hasan is training amongst some of the best and really improving his skills. We’d rather see him training and on the mat, than off it.”

Hasan said that his English had also improved since he started judo training.

“I train three times a week so I have made many Aussie friends and my English has also really improved since training with Morgan.”

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