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25 Sep 2019


Innovative social enterprise helps newly-arrived jobseekers realise professional dreams

But after just three months at TEC Kaddie has a newfound confidence and insight into the business world that has assisted her in gaining a cadetship position with Allianz Australia Insurance Limited.

“TEC helped me gain self-confidence. When I first came into TEC I couldn’t speak, I was so shy I couldn’t voice my opinion but as time went on I got used to my team. They made me feel welcome like I was a part of something,” Kaddie said

Originally from Sierra Leone, Kaddie decided to apply for SSI’s TEC program as she was eager to gain experience and knowledge in a professional environment that would improve her job prospects.

Supported by the AMP Foundation, TEC is a simulated office learning environment that provides hands-on work experience opportunities on a wide range of office-based roles where participants can develop and apply their skills towards a start-up social business.

The program offers jobseekers like Kaddie both technical and interpersonal training. This includes exposure to relevant professional industries, experience working in an Australian professional cultural environment, development of foundational communication, teamwork and leadership capabilities, and multiple employment pathways through corporate partners.

One of the projects Kaddie participated in while at TEC was a marketing campaign for Humble Creatives, a social enterprise of SSI that creates scented handmade candles. Along with a team of other newly arrived job seekers, Kaddie supported the development of a Mother’s Day candle marketing campaign, where she learnt how to conduct a market analysis, create customer profiles, data collection, explore creative and cost-effective branding and packaging as well as being part of the sales team at weekend markets.

During her time at TEC, Kaddie also signed up for ‘Allianz Ladder,’ a pre-employment workshop delivered in partnership with Allianz Australia, supporting refugee youth with the development of core business skills and confidence in finding their first role in Australia. Kaddie excelled in the workshop and was successful in gaining a cadetship at Allianz.

Kaddie described the program at TEC as an incredibly valuable experience where she could connect with her team and be a part of something important.

“I have been able to get out of my comfort zone. I have learnt a lot about marketing, working in a group as a team, brainstorming ideas and building a good relationship with my team.”

Learn more about the Humble Creatives Social Enterprise here:

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