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06 Oct 2021


Indigenous Business Month, Powering the Indigenous Economy

SSI has been working with the local Aboriginal communities in the areas of which we run our programs, as well as our Aboriginal staff and clients to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan with consultation and contributing to self-determination as key actions, making sure there is an Indigenous voice in the decision-making process in everything we do. 

Over the past year and a half SSI’s Ignite programhas been sitting and yarning and working with local Aboriginal clients to start and build businesses in their local community.  

In October – Indigenous Business Month we would like to say thank you for allowing SSI and Ignite help in creating their businesses and celebrate, acknowledge their hard work.  

Lovelock Consultancy
Larissa Ahoy Art and Nunawanna Designs
Fiona Lovelock


Lovelock Consultancy

We met Rose in 2020 through our Ignite® Small Business Start-Ups program. Ignite® who have been working closely with Armidale’s Aboriginal community and in particular Anaiwan Elder Rose Lovelock 

Rose has been supported to grow the influence and impact of the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place in Armidale. The Ignite team has built strong connections with the Armidale community and are working hard to provide the resources and support as requested to help them establish and succeed in business. 

Rose Lovelock 002

Elizabeth (Rose) Lovelock, Lovelock Consultancy


Rose is currently working with Ignite to develop her own Consultancy business ‘Lovelock Consultancy’.  

Rose’s life experience along with her strong research and educational focus on Australian history, have provided her with a unique insight and perspective into the issues facing Aboriginal Communities today.  

Rose experienced first-hand the effects of intergenerational, white Australia policies and the impact of the stolen generation practices. These early childhood experiences led to Rose’s desire to use higher education and research to develop teaching skills and practices to drive self-determination and self-management in Aboriginal communities. 

The culmination of Rose’s long and very professional career has been the establishment of Lovelock Consultancy where she combines her skill, knowledge, and experience towards making change for the greatest good of all. 

Rose has recently helped guide and consulted with SSI in helping us develop our RAP as our RAP ambassador and we have also sought advice and consultation from Rose on a number of new policies and procedures helping us to make sure we seek the appropriate Aboriginal consultation and input in everything we do.  

Please feel free to reach out to Rose if you need any business-related cultural support, advice or review.  

More Information on Rose and Lovelock Consultancy can be found on her website or you can contact her by email  



Larissa Ahoy is an Australian indigenous artist from the Anaiwan tribe in Armidale, New South Wales. Larissa was born in Armidale in 1979. She is the daughter of Colin and Phyllis Ahoy and one of six children. Larissa is also the proud mother of six children herself.

Ahoy Family Photo

Ahoy Family

Larissa started painting in her mid-30’s as a way of expressing herself and connecting herself to country, whilst also being able to tell the stories of her family and culture. “I have an extremely supportive family behind me, which has not only motivated me to pursue my passion as an artist but also to be a part of the community.”

In early 2021 Larissa together with her mother Phyllis and daughter Sueling reached out to Ignite with a dream of establishing their own art and design business. Now in September they are celebrating the launch of their online store offering a beautiful selection of art, homewares and lifestyle products created from Larissa’s art, Sueling’s design and Phyllis’s innovation and direction.

“My mother’s resilience is a trait I hope to possess one day, as she was a part of the Stolen Generation, and has raised a close knit and loving family. Although she was never taken she lost all of her brothers and sisters which was extremely traumatic and she never ever got over it. The three of us all play a major role in our new business because just like in life, we cannot do without one another.” – Larissa Ahoy

Nunawanna Designs is a family run business of 3 generations in Armidale NSW. It originated from the artwork created by a local artist Larissa Ahoy. Her daughter Sueling was inspired to take her mother’s art and turn it into digital designs to create beautiful products such as clothing and homewares.

Grandmother Phyllis Ahoy is the strength behind the business and assists in developing direction, ideas and marketing. The three women started working with Ignite in January 2021 and have been on a growth journey ever since.

Website: Larissa Ahoy Art
Phone: 0466 211 550 – Sueling Ahoy


Fiona Lovelock

Fiona Lovelock is an Anaiwan woman from Armidale, NSW. She is passionate about offering workshops based on Identity, Culture and Connection through a range of fun and educational workshops for children and professionals working with children. She has been working with Ignite since Jan 2021 to develop her businesses and recently ran a pilot program at The Armidale School for 60 children aged between 6-10yrs old providing a workshop which included a yarning circle, rock painting and connection to culture.


Fiona Lovelock

Fiona explained that: “Possessing a strong cultural identity has been shown to protect against mental health symptoms and buffer distress prompted by discrimination while connection with others creates a positive sense of contentment and acceptance which supports overall social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing”.

Fiona is continuing to grow her business with the continuing support from Ignite in being to further develop her services and reach her target market.

Mobile: 0435 775 095



Adam Spencer is an Indigenous artist from the Kamilaroi nation on the Moree Plains of NSW, famous for its rich soil which is where the business name BANUWA comes from meaning ‘Black Soil’.


Adam Spencer

Adam is currently the resident artist at the Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre & Keeping Place, but has recently joined the Ignite Program in order to begin his own business which has always been a dream of his.

His inspiration comes from his strong connection to his mother who brought him up being immersed in Indigenous art and culture travelling all around Australia learning so much along the way. Adam is working with Ignite currently to create his own website and to showcase his unique tribal designs and artwork.

Phone: 0403 713 366


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