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17 Jan 2017


Ignite Small Business Start-ups model to expand entrepreneurial support beyond the refugee community

Dr Sirolli with SSI staff and attendees at the enterprise facilitation training.

Dr Sirolli, Founder and CEO of the Sirolli Institute, led 18 attendees through a mix of theory and practice, discussions about psychology and relationships, observations of interviews with entrepreneurs and shared anecdotes.

A modified and tailored version of the Sirolli model of enterprise facilitation has been applied by SSI for over three years through the self-funded Ignite initiative, which assists newly arrived refugees in Sydney to establish or consolidate a business of their own.

Since 2013, Ignite has supported almost 60 people to establish a small business.

Due to the success of Ignite with people of refugee background, SSI has committed to expanding the model in 2017 to help other members of the community who would benefit from an enterprise facilitation model based on a person-centred approach.

Acting SSI Ability Links Operations Manager Mick Fallon said SSI was very confident in the strength of the Ignite model and has chosen to include Ability Links participants in the initiative.

“SSI’s delivery of Ability Links NSW is based on a person-centred approach so we are excited to expand the Ignite model to help support people with disability to establish a small business,” Mr Fallon said.

“Directing entrepreneurial participants to Ignite will mean our Linkers are better able to support their goals and further promote genuine inclusion and opportunities within communities.”

Other Sirolli training participants included members of the Ignite Resource Team and four staff from Access Community Services Ltd in Brisbane, who were interested in learning how the Ignite uses the Sirolli to underpin its successful program.

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