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10 Aug 2015


Home exhibition artist: Damon

Solitary Confinement, 2015. Photography and digital art, 100x133cm. Photo: Damon Amb.  

Damon became interested in the details of objects and became drawn to abstract photography over time. He has since developed a distinctive style of work using photography and digital art.  He has completed an Advance Diploma in Photography (2004-2007) at Jahad University, Karaj, in Iran. He has also completed studies in Photography Criticism (Theory) at the ‎Mahe Mehr Art & Cultural Institute under acclaimed tutor Hamid Severi.  Damon was employed as a full-time photographer at Zibaloon Advertising Agency, Tehran until he made his journey to Australia.

Damon has exhibited extensively in Iran and now in Australia. He has shown his work both in solo and group exhibitions. Damon has exhibited his work at SSI’s Art is Our Voice exhibition in 2014, to great acclaim, held at both Verge Gallery and Stirrup Gallery. He has also recently shown his work in Holroyd Council’s Foyer Gallery for Refugee Week.

“The piece I have created for this exhibition speaks of the concept of home. As an asylum seeker, home is kept close to the heart, but at a distance. Home needs to be reinvented many times because the concept of home is not a fixed idea. My story is endless and vast,” Damon said.

“Home can be a physical or a psychological place that changes due to our circumstances, yet the basic ideas remain; home as a sanctuary, as a place of belonging, but also a place of displacement and turbulence as is experienced by the asylum seeker.

“My work crosses both boundaries. My intention is to focus on the concept of home as a place of protection from a hostile system. In my work we are confronted with the cage as a real presence and also as a symbolic force. As an Iranian artist I am aware of the restrictions imposed under a repressive regime where free expression and criticism is heavily penalised. I hope to bring to light to Australian audiences some of the issues in my country.

“I use digital photography to layer many images and textures to create a unique montage effect. Within this artwork, I have used many abstract symbols and interpretation to represent this idea of confinement.”

Details: See Damon’s work at “Home: between here and there”

Where: Bankstown Arts Centre, 5 Olympic Parade, Bankstown, NSW

When: August 19-22

Opening: 6pm, August 19

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