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20 Aug 2020

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Settlement Services International (SSI) and Australian National Maritime Museum sign MOU to strengthen support for new migrants to Australia

Two organisations deeply involved in migration to Australia have today signed an MOU to develop programs and initiatives to support new migrants.

SSI is a community organisation and social business that supports newcomers and other Australians to achieve their full potential.

SSI works with all people who have experienced vulnerability, including refugees, people seeking asylum and culturally and linguistically diverse communities, to build capacity and enable them to overcome inequality.

The Australian National Maritime Museum is a national cultural institution with responsibility for and a permanent gallery dedicated to the national migration story.

The museum and SSI have already been supporting each other’s projects and are now seeking to strengthen their collaboration on areas of common interest.

Through a range of planned activities, the two organisations aim to:

  • Provide opportunities to experience Australian art, culture and history to support newcomers to learn about Australia, form new connections and acquire knowledge, skills and confidence
  • Develop a fully-rounded collection of stories of the migrant experience as this is vital to understanding Australian identity and ensuring diverse peoples are reflected in the national story
  • Strengthen workforce diversity, with cross-cultural capability via volunteering and employment opportunities

The museum and SSI, together, can strengthen the national migration story by assisting newcomers and building awareness of the experience of migration to Australia.

SSI CEO, Violet Roumeliotis, said successful settlement and integration were key objectives of Australia’s migration policy, in particular the ability to participate fully in economic, social, cultural and civic life.

“While migration has slowed due to COVID-19 and we seek to build back better, public discussion about the benefits and challenges of a multicultural Australia should look at the evidence, and the experiences of Australians who are migrants and refugees.

“I am sure this partnership between SSI and the museum will help illuminate Australia’s multicultural success story.”

Kevin Sumption, CEO and Director of the museum said, “The formalising of our relationship with SSI is a great step forward. We have long supported each other’s activities. We know the contribution of migrants, both financially and socially, to our nation.

“Both organisations understand the importance of cultivating an environment that enables new migrants to understand their new country and provide structures that can assist them in the process.

“As a collector of stories, through our Welcome Wall program and for the national collection of migration related objects, the museum is committed to deepening our involvement with such an important element of our national identity.” 

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