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17 May 2022

Media releases

Network delivers for refugees and migrants making their home in NSW

The NSW Settlement Partnership, a dynamic network of leading organisations led by Settlement Services International (SSI), is celebrating seven years of supporting refugees and migrants to settle in Australia.

The network includes 21 organisations who work together to empower refugees and migrants to thrive independently, socially and financially in their new home.

It has delivered staggering results since its inception in 2015. Collectively, the partnership has supported 185,886 clients through 546,628 instances of service across 88 local government areas. Clients from 177 client countries/cultures speaking over 160 ethnic languages have been assisted on their journey to settlement.

Consortium members include leading migrant resource centres (MRCs), multicultural services and ethno-specific agencies. Together they deliver settlement services under the Department of Home Affairs’ Settlement Engagement and Transition Support Program (SETS).

Violet Roumeliotis AM, CEO of SSI, said the partnership was a driving force for the SETS program, with its goals front-of-mind for each of the organisations.

“We are incredibly powerful together, leveraging grassroots experience and the power of a large network,” she said.

“Together we represent the leading minds in the settlement sector who are all working to achieve mutual goals: the success and independence of refugees and migrants.

“The purpose of the network is to simplify the process of government-funded initiatives by providing one port of engagement, making us a trusted and reliable government partner.

“We are very proud of our results working in and among complex and multi-faceted issues. NSW Settlement Partnership has a reported 91.5% positive satisfaction outcome and a 91.8% overall positive goal outcome.”

Dor Akech Achiek, Head of Settlement Services at SSI, said it was inspiring to see different organisations come together in support of a common cause.

“Together, we cover significant ground across NSW, ensuring rural and regional communities experience the same service as those in the city. Working as a consortium allows us to easily have impact across the state – your postcode should not determine the level of service you receive,” he said.

The partnership offers an innovative service delivery model to address the diverse range of needs of clients, community and government. The NSW Settlement Partnership offers equitable participation in Australian society, promoting social cohesion and productive diversity.

The NSW Settlement Partnership delivers:

  • Professional support and training to the settlement workforce
  • Organisational and governance support
  • Exchange of information, expertise and experience
  • Place-based support and volunteer opportunities
  • Advocacy as one for the settlement sector

Find out more about the NSW Settlement Partnership here.

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