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08 Dec 2023


SSI pledges support ahead of Global Refugee Forum

SSI will be participating in the Global Refugee Forum (GRF) next week in Geneva. Making pledges at the GRF is an opportunity to contribute to a collective effort aimed at improving the lives of refugees and foster sustainable solutions.

SSI was actively involved in the last GRF in December 2019, playing a significant role in the lead up to the forum where we participated in three thematic working groups, namely Protection, Jobs and Livelihoods, and Solutions

This year, SSI’s pledge aligns to three key objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR):

  • easing pressures on host countries,
  • enhancing refugee self-reliance
  • expanding access to third-country solutions

Read the full pledge below.

SSI’s Pledge

SSI’s pledge aligns to two objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees, easing pressures on host countries and expanding access to third-country solutions.

By the next GRF in 2027, SSI commits to:

  • Supporting organisations, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Refugee Led Organisations (RLOs), looking to establish or grow resettlement and complementary pathway programs
  • Supporting organisations (CSOs and RLOs) working with displaced communities in host countries

To achieve this, SSI will:

  • Provide technical support, advice and mentoring to five CSOs and RLOs globally, in areas such as local integration and settlement programs, Diversity Training, private sector engagement and advocacy
  • Engage with three existing SSI partners, providing technical and financial support to further strengthen their capacity
  • Collaborate with existing partners on advocating for increased resources for locally led initiatives responding to the needs of displaced communities
  • Identify two new CSO or RLO partners interested in training and knowledge sharing
  • Engage with states to support the growth of resettlement and complementary pathways
  • Engage with governments and locally led organisations in host countries to support refugee social and economic inclusion

Impact statement:

SSI aims to directly support five CSOs and RLOs, enhancing the capacity of new and existing partners, and advocate for increased resources for locally led initiatives

Within the next four years, SSI aims to directly impact five new CSOs and RLOs, enhance the capacity of three existing partners, and advocate for increased resources aligned with GCR recommendations, measured through progress reports and impact assessments.

SSI is committed to working collaboratively to achieve this pledge. If you are interested in supporting this pledge with technical expertise, financial assistance or your pledge aligns with our goals, please contact us at

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