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Indigenous Business Month, Powering the Indigenous Economy

October is Indigenous Business Month. SSI acknowledges that empowering Indigenous business empowers Self-Determination.  

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Generous donor gives laptops to refugee families struggling with homeschooling

A young girl with her new laptop.

Many refugee families attempting to homeschool during lockdown are finding it particularly difficult without access to suitable technology.

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From the CEO: The sharp edge of gender inequality and the need for specialised services

Gender-based violence, including domestic and family violence (DFV) is the sharp edge of widespread gender inequality in Australia — affecting all individuals identifying as women, regardless of their cultural background, economic situation, ability, and age.

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How SSI helped Lin discover his passions after suddenly losing his vision

Shortly after migrating to Australia in 2015, Zhen Hua Lin suffered an allergic reaction to antibiotics that rendered him completely vision impaired.

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Manufacturing industry key to economic recovery in Sydney South West: How the Local Jobs Program is helping

Local Jobs Program Employment Facilitator for the Sydney South West region, Joudy Lazkany, has hit the ground running, facilitating connections with crane manufactures Eilbeck Cranes and placing four new employees in manufacturing roles.

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Refugee mother faced with unique challenges during lockdown

A young girl and her mother.

Single mother and refugee Yasameen Al-Natrawee fled Iraq seeking temporary refuge in Malaysia, where she lived while waiting for a humanitarian visa.

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From the CEO: No-one can be left behind: vaccination rates in refugee communities

older man getting his vaccine

After nine weeks of lockdown in the greater Sydney region, it has become increasingly apparent that mass vaccination, combined with ongoing restrictions, is the only way forward in containing the spread of the Delta variant.

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From the CEO: responding to the spread of the Delta variant

Over the last three weeks around 13 million Australians in four states and territories have been subject to COVID-19 lockdowns as the fast-moving Delta variant made its way into our communities.

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On the road to success and independence

Adam in his car

For the past six years, Adam Dib, a 28-year-old man living with cerebral palsy, has been determined to gain his driver’s licence.

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How Tatjana harnesses her experience of forced migration in her support of entrepreneurs

Tatjana Lukic-Co was just 13 years old when her family was forced to flee her home in former Yugoslavia, seeking temporary refuge in Germany before gaining asylum in Australia.

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From the CEO: Insecurity – the experiences of people seeking asylum and how you can make a difference.

How much does a country’s policies reflect onto the moral compass of its people, and what can we do as individuals to promote change?

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SSI offices turned into vaccination hub for asylum seeking communities

Yamamah receiving the vaccine.

On Thursday, SSI began facilitating the vaccination of people from asylum and refugee backgrounds out of our Parramatta office, as part of Western Sydney Local Health District’s outreach program to reach vulnerable communities.

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Multi-talented Syrian entrepreneur expands business into homemade organic products

A box filled with homemade organic products.

Refugee and entrepreneur Ashod Paloulian is a man of many talents. He trained to become a professional tennis player in his hometown of Aleppo, Syria, before relocating to Sydney to begin a new life.

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Talented refugee artist awarded with University of Sydney scholarship

A young artist beside her artworks.

Visual artist and Iraqi refugee Raneen Shamon arrived in Australia in 2017 from Jordan, where she had lived with her parents and younger brother for three years, waiting for their humanitarian visas to be approved.

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Syrian artist exhibits work exploring displacement and migration

A man smiling.

Visual artist Maher Al Khoury arrived in Australia seeking asylum from Syria four years ago. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1988, he had a dynamic arts career working across the Middle East as a university lecturer and artist, with exhibitions in Syria and Abu Dhabi.

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Reconciliation through action

One of our biggest strengths at SSI is the diversity of our staff and commitment to being an inclusive organisation that supports the community and the wellbeing of our people.

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Young refugee mother finds education and employment in new home

A woman taking a selfie in her car.

Single mother and refugee Janet Ferdosian made the courageous decision to flee Iran in 2014 and seek temporary refuge in Turkey, where she lived for three years while waiting for a humanitarian visa.

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Making leaps and bounds down the pathway to independence.

Since she began receiving support from SSI’s Local Area Coordination (LAC) services 18 months ago, Jessy, a young woman with Autism Spectrum Disorder, has taken great strides towards living an independent life.

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Young refugee fleeing persecution forges prosperity in new home

A young man smiling at the camera.

23-year-old Irfan Ali Nasiri arrived in Australia from Pakistan with his mother and four siblings in 2016, reuniting with his father in Auburn, Sydney, after years of separation. 

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From the CEO: Australia’s roadmap to re-opening

Woman and young girl in kitchen happy

A question that has kept me awake on more than one night over the past year is, how do we emerge from COVID-19 as a stronger country – a country whose citizens remember that we live in a society, not just an economy?

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Keeping kids in foster care connected to family - National Families Week 2021

girl with white paper windmills on sticks

During National Families Week, we reflect on the importance of the family as a unit in the life of the child, and recognise the value of Life Story Work in keeping a child in care connected to their family.

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From the CEO: Myanmar and refugees in the Asia-Pacific

Karen mother and daughter smiling

Tsering Yangzom fled Tibet at the age of nine and lived in India for a number of years before coming to Australia as a refugee in 2020. She is one of many people from the Asia-Pacific region that SSI supports following forced displacement.


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Living and thriving as a young person with Asperger Syndrome

Like many university students, 20-year-old Bevan is focused on completing his degree and finding out what direction he wants to take in life.

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Tibetan refugee with prominent political profile helps translate for community

A woman giving an address.

Tsering Yangzom fled Tibet at the age of 9 due to the incorporation of Tibet into the People's Republic of China. She lived in a Tibetan village in India before arriving in Australia as a refugee with her husband, Kunkyab, in 2020.

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