SSI Community Portal

Our teams have worked hard to prepare our offices with COVID-safe practices for our clients, participants, visitors, staff and volunteers.

At the SSI Community Portal, you will find a range of information, activities and opportunities to help us become a more connected and inclusive community here with SSI. 

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SSI Community Portal



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    Humanitarian Settlement Program HSP

    The Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) supports refugees from the moment they arrive at the airport.

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    The Staples Bag

    The Staples Bag arecommitted to empowering our community’s low income earners by providing easy access to low cost and high quality nutritious food staples.

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    SBS News in Easy English

    A daily 5 minute news wrap for English learners.

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    Freedom Sessions

    Freedom Sessions are a series of five performances and artist discussions featuring a diverse group of talented performers who come from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

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    Australian Charter of Human Rights

    It’s time to unite the community behind a bold and positive vision of a fairer Australia - it’s time to create an Australian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

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    Western Sydney Q&A Portal

    A centralised email helpline during COVID-19, to access a panel of selected experts to respond to questions or provide advice to community sector agencies in Western Sydney.

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    Build Beyond Bricks - A podcast by Western Sydney Community Forum

    Greater Western Sydney is home to around 2 million people. Its richness of culture is unique. Its diversity is inspiring. In this space, we lead and shape social policy and service delivery.

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    SameSame Different - This is Western Sydney Podcast

    This podcast series leverages the beauty and richness of cultural diversity and highlights the many stories that makeup Western Sydney. 

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    City of Sydney Community Centres: Online programs

    Enjoy exercise classes, workshops and inclusive events from the City of Sydney's community centres.

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    School holiday programs

    Filled with hundreds of unique experiences, sports clinics, educational workshops and overnight camps, ‘School Holiday Programs’ is proudly Australia’s only online resource dedicated to advertising quality school holiday programs for school aged children.

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    Keen to make new friends? Here are simple three techniques to try

    Making friends is a life-long practice, says Relationships Australia CEO Elisabeth Shaw.

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    FUTURE-PROOF, an Artist Development Program showcase

    Nine artists of refugee background, embarked on an immersive and artistic professional development program. 365 days later, this showcase is their unique interpretation of the many facets of life as a newcomer artist in Australia.

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    A Mile In My Shoes

    To understand another person, try walking a mile in their shoes. This one-of-a-kind pop-up store, housed in a giant shoebox at the Australian National Maritime Museum allows you to do just that.

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