SSI was funded in 2015 by the Department of Family and Community Services to develop and implement the FutureAbility I project across NSW.

FutureAbility I assisted ethno-specific and multicultural organisations and community groups to work with and access the new disability service system.

A range of strategies and initiatives were implemented in order to empower and support ethno-specific and multicultural organisations to build their capacity to enter or transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

A number of community education sessions on the NDIS and disability were also delivered to 13 language groups across Sydney and Wollongong.

A full overview of the achievements and successes of FutureAbility I is presented in the final project report: pdfFutureAbility Report2.67 MB

The success of FutureAbility I led to the refunding of the project until June 2018.

FutureAbility II

FutureAbility II focused on engagement activities to inform CALD communities across NSW about the NDIS, and help increase their participation in the scheme.

Another focus of FutureAbility II was working with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and the Local Area Coordinators (LAC) auspiced by a number of organisations across NSW to improve access to the NDIS by CALD communities.

The project has been extended to the end of 2018.

FutureAbility will continue to implement the successful strategies it used between July 1, 2017, and June 2018 in consulting widely with CALD communities and the disability, LAC and NDIS providers through engagement, education and marketing processed to help increase understanding and participation to the NDIS in CALD communities:

  • Regional Roundtable discussions: held 9 across 9 regions with 550 participants
  • In-language NDIS sessions: 25 sessions delivered in 14 languages, with 387 participants 
  • Workshops for NDIA, LAC and disability providers: 30 workshops held so far with 350 participants across 15 areas
  • In language theatre plays, in 3 languages performed so far, 36 performances, in 10 areas, with over 2600 attendees 
  • Comprehensive SBS radio campaign, in 13 languages, 5 segments each, over 9 months, and 300,000 listeners
  • A statewide Diversability NDIS Inclusion Conference, held in April 2018 with 50 speakers, 28 concurrent sessions, 3 Solutions Hubs and 230 attendees.

FutureAbility III

FutureAbility was funded for another two years by the NDIA under the ILC funding stream to roll out two very important projects in the CALD NDIS space, from June 1, 2018, to June 30, 2020:

  • The nation-wide "National Multilingual Information Hub" that will include a national Multilingual NDIS Hotline and Website (National ILC Grant)
  • The state-wide in-language CALD community education project "Understanding Disability by CALD communities in NSW" (NSW Jurisdictional ILC Grant)

SSI was also successful in receiving another (third) ILC grant to deliver the "Our Voice: Bringing focus to the issues that matter to people with disability from CALD backgrounds" project across NSW (ILC Jurisdictional grant).

More Information will be provided once the projects have been formalised. The FutureAbility project is looking forward to continue working in collaboration with our many partners to make a success of the new projects and help increase access to the NDIS by CALD communities.

FutureAbility DataCube

The FutureAbility DataCube was commissioned by SSI in 2015 to review and analyse the extent and prevalence of disability among CALD communities in NSW; and to facilitate their equitable and active participation in the current national roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Explore the FutureAbility DataCube

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