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A week with Dr Ernesto Sirolli has enhanced the knowledge and skills of SSI staff, bilingual guides, and current entrepreneurs working with the Ignite Small Business Start-ups (Ignite) initiative who all undertook  Enterprise Facilitation training.


Dr Sirolli, Founder and CEO of Sirolli Institute, lead 10 staff through a mix of theory and practice, discussions about psychology and relationships, observations of interviews with entrepreneurs, and some of his many anecdotes.

Dr Sirolli has been teaching Enterprise Facilitation® and the Trinity of Management® model, a person-centered approach to community and economic development that harnesses the passion, determination, intelligence, and resourcefulness of local people, for 30 years.

SSI Ignite is the only initiative in the world that uses the Sirolli Institute Trinity of Management® to facilitate small business creation or consolidate an existing business with people from a refugee background.

“The Ignite initiative is demonstrating that  there is so much passion and determination coming to Australia” Dr Sirolli said.

“SSI can tap into so much potential among its client base and has been working hard to grow the initiative.”

Research shows that many recently arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants face significant barriers to employment, particularly during the early stages of their life in Australia.

Studies also show that people from a refugee background often display strong entrepreneurial qualities, with a higher than average proportion establishing small and medium-size businesses. 

SSI CEO Violet Roumeliotis said SSI recognised the barriers and the strengths and that is why SSI self-funds the Ignite initiative.

“We know that many humanitarian refugees bring a wealth of skill and experience in entrepreneurship to Australia and that generally they are keen to put their past behind them and grab with both hands the opportunities that life in Australia offers.”

“Through Ignite, new entrepreneurs will contribute their know-how and skills, paying dividends to the economy, and ensuring meaningful participation in society.”

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