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SSI LAC participant builds community through men’s shed

For many years, Foster Cortis was unemployed due to living with arthritis, a lung condition and chronic depression.

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From the CEO: a regional perspective on settlement in practice

A banner of SSI's event.

Today, at the NSW Regional Settlement Conference, hosted by SSI and the NSW Settlement Partnership (NSP), we harnessed insights and shared perspectives on the key ingredients of successful regional settlement.

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From the CEO: Foster inclusiveness and a sense of belonging this Harmony Week

SSI CEO giving a speech at the Australian Maritime Museum.

Harmony Week, March 21 to March 27, marks our country’s rich multicultural identity.

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In conversation: SSI New Beginnings Ambassador Shyamla Eswaran talks diversity at New Beginnings Festival.

A group of dancers smiling.

This annual festival brings thousands of Sydneysiders together to enjoy the creative, culinary and artistic talents of people from refugee, migrant and First Nations backgrounds.

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Community Hubs were the place to be for families in turbulent 2021

Community hubs members

The National Community Hubs Program Year in Review shows how the hubs’ resilience and flexibility ensured their local communities remained connected, supported, and safe in turbulent times.

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