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01 May 2024


Former children in care star in foster care recruitment campaign

For over 11 years, SSI’s foster care program has placed children and youth in need in the hearts and homes of foster carers.

In the organisation’s first expansive foster carer recruitment marketing campaign, five former children in care shared stories and reflections from their journeys in foster care.

These incredible young adults—Montana, Ageesa, Honorata, Breanne, and Andre—have all been part of SSI’s Multicultural Child and Family Program and brought their unique experiences and perspectives to the campaign.

To attract new foster carers in the current carer shortage, the young people joined a day of filming to share their experiences in care and reflect on the carers who left a lasting impression on them.


Their stories encourage people to recognise that foster carers make a lasting difference in a child’s life, no matter the duration of time spent together. Every moment as a foster carer is a chance to create a meaningful chapter in a child’s life.

The campaign features a series of thematic videos that will be utilised across multiple channels over the coming months, with opportunities for future iterations.

Explore the campaign and learn more about the SSI Multicultural Child and Family Program here.

Be a chapter in their story. Become a foster carer.

My foster carer taught me
What I want you to know about foster care
I’d like to thank my foster carer for

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