Women and Girls safety

Settlement Services International (SSI) is one of the leading community organisations that is recognised for its advocacy in the DFV and multicultural communities’ wellbeing space. SSI works to influence policy, support the voice of lived experience and provide thought leadership. We are an appointed member of the NSW Council for Women’s Economic Empowerment, NSW Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault Council, the Leadership Council on Cultural Diversity, the Harmony Alliance Council and Migrant and Refugee Health Partnership Council.

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What we do

In partnership with Relationships Australia NSW, SSI provides a successful in-culture and in-language Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP) called Building Stronger Families (BSF), and the 99 Steps to end Domestic and Family Violence program in Queensland. A recent project commenced working with women community leaders to equip and support them as social responders to DFV, in Sydney and Coffs Harbour.

To enhance our input to the Women’s Safety Summit SSI organised a mini summit to hear from front line multicultural workers as to what they see to be the key issues for Domestic and Family Violence (DFV). Over 40 settlement workers and SSI staff joined the online event.

Joint statement by the 2021 National Women’s Safety Summit

As a member of the National Women’s Safety Summit delegates, representing the rights and interest of migrant and refugee women, SSI asks the Australian Government to increase investment in DFV services that target migrants and refugee communities with attention to establishing equity of service delivery among states, in line with population profiles. These services need to address the experiences of migrant and refugee women and their children across all approaches, including prevention, early intervention, intervention, response and recovery.

They would facilitate community led initiatives and support the service system to better respond to the need and circumstances of migrant and refugee women and provide a focus on both the cultural and the structural/systemic barriers to access. Investment in all settlement services to respond to DFV as initial responders is also crucial.

pdfJoint statement by the 2021 National Women’s Safety Summit