Humanitarian Services FAQs

SSI is a primary provider of resettlement and case management services to refugees and humanitarian entrants, and case management for people seeking asylum. In 2013, the organisation also began working with foster children, young people and parents from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD), as well as families with an early intervention focus.

In 2014, SSI started delivering support services to people with disability through the Ability Links NSW program. In 2015, SSI became the lead organisation in a consortium selected to deliver settlement services to refugees and migrants in NSW.

SSI delivers services under the following primary programs areas:

Humanitarian Settlement Services Program (HSS) – casework and housing support for humanitarian entrants who have been granted a permanent protection visa during the first 12 months in Australia (Federally funded).

NSW Settlement Partnership (NSP) – this consortium of 23 community organisations delivers settlement services that support self-reliance, equitable participation in Australian society and, as a consequence, promote social cohesion and productive diversity within the Australian community (Federally funded).

Status Resolution Support Service (SRSS) – the SRSS program provides support to people who are living in the community on temporary visas, or who are in community detention, while their application for refugee status is assessed (Federally funded).

Multicultural Foster Care – provides general foster care services to children and young people from CALD backgrounds (NSW Government funded).

Ignite Small Business Start-ups – SSI's Ignite initiative facilitates business creation for refugee clients who want to establish a small business.

Housing – SSI provides support to refugees and people seeking asylum once they start living in the community. This is usually in the form of short-term transitional housing as well as support to find and secure appropriate and affordable long-term housing.

Ability Links NSW – SSI provides support to people with disability through the Ability Links NSW program in the Metro North, Metro South and Southern Regions of Sydney as well as the South Coast of NSW.

Community Engagement – SSI organises a broad array of events and activities that aim to forge a link between our clients and the wider Australian community.

Youth@Work and Youth Collective – SSI provides a number of dedicated youth services that support young people from refugee, asylum seeker and migrant backgrounds.

Employment – SSI provides employment services for SSI clients as part of an integrated service deliver model, as well as providing recruitment services for corporate organisations and operating a number of social enterprises that offer hands-on work cilitates business creation for refugee clients who want to establish a small business.


Success stories

Bright future ahead for new Australian Dana Al Samaan

Dana is a young woman from Syria who came to Australia</p><pOriginally from Syria, Dana came to Australia via Iraq in search of safety.

I was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. Syria is the country where I attended school and university for free, where I enjoyed safety and security, where I learned to communicate and respect others even when we have differences in religion, thought, doctrine or ideology,” she said.

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