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Q: What is LiveHire?

A: LiveHire is the only way to apply for jobs at SSI. LiveHire is the platform we use to recruit new employees. When you create a profile, you can edit and update your details at any time. This ensures that we always know about your most current skills and experience so that we can match you to jobs at SSI. It also enables us to manage all communication with you and keep you updated from the application stage right through to making a job offer. Through LiveHire you can either apply for a specific advertised position or join our Talent Community.

Q: Why should I join the SSI Talent Community?

A: Joining our Talent Community means you are expressing an interest in working for us in the future and we can search your profile. The SSI Talent Community is the first place we check when we have a position to recruit. A well-written and informed profile means that you stand out and may go straight to the top of our list of candidates. Be honest and detailed so we can quickly evaluate your profile and CV. Join our SSI Talent Community

Q: How do I know that my application has been received?

A: There are a few ways to check your application has been received:

  1. Log in to your LiveHire account and click on "Job Applications". All jobs you have applied for will be here.
  2. Click on the job in the list of vacancies on our careers site. If you have applied, it will tell you the date your application for this job was submitted.
  3. If you have set up your profile to allow us to communicate with you via SMS, you will receive an SMS confirming that your application as been received.

Q: I have submitted my application, but how do I upload a new CV?

A: Login to your profile and upload your new CV. We will be notified once this is updated.

Q: Can I apply for the same job twice?

A: There’s no need. Once you’ve created your profile, you’re part of our Talent Community. You will be notified of future available roles and be given the opportunity to apply if you wish

Q: I can’t find anything I am interested in at the moment. Can I send my CV somewhere so that I can be considered for future roles?

A: Even better… simply join our Talent Community (hyperlink). We can easily get in touch once you create a detailed profile and uploaded your CV. Joining our community puts you first in line when an opportunity arises that suits your skills and experience.

Q: How long after submitting my application will I hear from SSI?

A: We aim to respond to you as quickly as possible and you will hear from us as soon as there is an update on your application. 

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Vision and values

SSI’s vision is to achieve a society that values the diversity of its people and actively provides support to ensure meaningful social and economic participation and to assist individuals and families to reach their potential.

Social Justice

Equity and access to all


Respecting diversity and being non-discriminatory


Caring, empathy and respect for the dignity of others


Co-operation and mutual respect


Dynamic, flexible and responsive service


Professional practices and accountability


Commitment to partnerships and excellence